Planning – less than 2 weeks before Christmas!

Well it’s Monday morning, and it’s time for me to think about what I need to accomplish this week.

  • I will bake the Christmas cookies that I just promised to make for Sweet Pea’s party on Friday.
  • I will run both Tuesday and Wednesday because I won’t be able to run today.
  • I will practice being nice.  (I’ve been having a hard time with this lately believe it or not.)
  • I am planning on getting the girls caught up on school work this week before the holidays.
  • I am planning on signing the girls up for ski lessons starting in January (crap, that’s going to happen too soon!)
  • I am planning on continuing to take pictures with the new camera and learn some more about it this week.
  • I am planning on going to bed before 11 every night.  (I think this is directly tied to the being nicer part above.)
  • I need to get out without the kids and get a few more things for under the tree.

So if anyone else wants to set up some goals or a plan for this week, feel free to join me!


My baby, Sweet Pea

My dear Sweet Pea turns four today.  I remember the day she was born.  I remember her due date being December 22/23, something like that.  I knew that she needed to come early (her sisters were 3 weeks and 1 week early).  I needed her to come on the weekend of the 10th.  I needed this because Traveler would be taking a week off after she was born and then the older two would have two weeks off from preschool for Christmas.  I needed this.  My commute for preschool was 45 minutes on a good day and I needed the three weeks before I was mentally prepared to make that 4-day-a-week drive.  Everyone essentially laughed at me.  Because, really, how can you plan labor?  (I was not going to be induced; things were going to happen on their own.)  And you know what? The night of the 9th, a Friday, I got up to pee around midnight and realized I was having contractions so I started walking around.  They were consistent in length of contractions and time between them – 5-7 minutes.  I was exhausted and wanted to sleep, but I wanted to keep moving if I was going to be having contractions.  I kept having an inner debate as to when to wake T and whether or not I wanted to wake Tiffany and her husband up in the middle of the night.  (They were going to watch the older two girls.)  I finally decided between 5 or 6 to get people up.  I wanted to be gone before the girls woke up so there wasn’t any drama when T and I left for the birth center.  After arriving to the birth center and I was at 5+ cm, I had my doctor break my water.  I wanted to get the show on the road.  I think that happened around 7 am.  Sweet Pea made her appearance at 10:19 am Saturday.  We were home by noon.

Going home.

First Valentine’s Day

First Easter

First birthday

First Steps

First trip to the east coast (Maine)

Cheesy grin with her sisters

Easter with her sisters and cousin.

First (and only) trip to Hershey, PA

Birthday #3

Christmas joy in Orange County

Shiny Blue Blasses (with the dino patch)

Spring 2009

Lake Tahoe summer

One of my favorite times of the day

And my sweet girl with one of her favorite torments

Happy Birthday my girl. For you, I am thankful.

Thank Goodness! Thursdays

You Capture – Lines


This week’s challenge was vague.  I like vague. That way I can be as vague as I want to be or as literal.  I had lots of opportunity to capture lines.  Traveler drove on our trip to Idaho last weekend, so I got to play with the new camera and take lots of pictures.  I never understood how you could take hundreds of pictures in such a short period of time.  I took almost 100 of the sunset on the drive through Oregon.  There are also lots of lines in the middle of nowhere in Nevada and Oregon.  Here are some of my favorites.

And here are the more boring colors I found here at home.

(This first one is blurry, but I seem to have one blurry one that I just have to post!)

The reflection off my kitchen table from the back window.

Our recent snow left pogonip!

I can’t wait to see what lines others have captured!

So proud!!

Presenting 1st Lieutenant Traveler!

The “pinning”

The after hug.

Team In Training

So here’s the exciting news.  You know The Sisterhood? Well I instigated a conversation with Lissa and Christy after T and I ran the Nike Women’s (half) Marathon in October.  You can see the history of this evolution over here.  We are pretty excited about going to San Diego next June.  I believe we are going to have about 12 people walking or running on our Team Shrinking Jeans.  You can find my fundraising page here.  And you can find Team Shrinking Jeans’ fundraising page here.  I am asking for donations to help not only raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society but also to help me get to San Diego for the race on June 6th.  I know times are tough for a lot of people right now, but LLS provides such an amazing amount of financial support to research in search of a cure for blood cancers.  Please search your hearts and see if you can help me reach my goal.

Monday Planning

Today is Monday.  Today is the Monday after a quick trip to Idaho.  (Is that even possible? After all it is 400 miles one way.)  Today is the first snow day my town has seen in YEARS!!  Unfortunately that only applies to Sweet Pea as the other two are being grumpy at me because school is here at home and I’m making them do some school work.  With all of that said.  Here’s my plan for the week.

  1. Enjoy the fact that I have a drinks-date with a friend Tuesday evening.
  2. Bunco is Wednesday. (two nights out with the girls in one week!)
  3. Stay on top of school work with SmartyPants and Sass.
  4. Find clothes for my kids to wear that don’t have stains and semi-match for their yearly pictures on Thursday.
  5. Get my three runs in this week.
  6. Keep up my efforts to fundraise for Team in Training.  (Have I mentioned The Sisterhood is participating in a half-marathon in San Diego next June? No? Okay. Will post more on that later! So excited about this!)
  7. Plan Sweet Pea’s birthday party for Saturday.
  8. Remember to breathe when the kids drive me crazy.
  9. Not go crazy while T is gone back to Boise for a long weekend of work.

So that’s my plan for the week.

A little taste

Our drive from Nevada to Idaho was long and relatively good.  Here is just a taste of the sunset we saw while driving through Oregon last night.  Breathtakingly beautiful if you ask me.

(Have I mentioned that I love my new camera? This was taken from the passenger seat of a truck moving 70 mph. Notice the side mirror in the bottom right of the picture.)