Goodbye 2009

I’m stealing Lissa’s post idea which she stole from someone else.  Instead of recapping just 2009, it’s a recap of the past decade.  (Okay, this is kinda long. But you’ll get a great synopsis of my life!)

So the year 2000.

January – It started out spending New Year’s Eve with friends and family here in our hometown.  We drove from central Texas back to Nevada to spend a month.  After the previous year of T joining the Air Force and us moving to Florida and then Texas we needed the break!

February – Found out I was pregnant and decided to have the baby at a freestanding birth center instead of the Army Hospital.  Best decision evah.

March – June – Nothing earth shattering.  I was working, T was working.  I was growing a baby and dealing with morning sickness and LOVING being pregnant.

July – Went to the Delaware beach for a family reunion.  Was bitchy and moody and my mom surprised me with a baby shower.  Felt horrible for being so hormonal and bitchy.  Loved spending time with family.

October – Flew home at 34 weeks pregnant for my brother’s wedding.  Barely slept all weekend.  Was totally exhausted.  The wedding only had fancy food and I wanted simple, filling, comfort food.  At at least 12 waffles and half a pound of bacon for breakfast the next morning at my parents house.

SmartyPants was born at exactly 37 weeks after an external version for being breech and a looong (3+ days) of early labor.  I was thrilled she was finally on the outside!!

November-December – Just getting used to life with a baby.  Luckily we had great friends who were a month ahead of us in this department.  Spent a lot of time with them.

2001 – January – Rang in the new year playing board games w/friends and swapping breastfeeding/sleeping issues.

February-July – Not much different.  Loving life as a family of 3.

August – Flew home to Nevada for my 25th birthday with baby in tow.  Shakespeare on the beach at Lake Tahoe with my baby asleep in my lap.

September – Flew out to Boise the weekend before 9/11 to house hunt.  T was going to get out of the AF at the end of his 4-year tour and wanted to finish his degree at Boise State.  Remember sitting in a hotel on the Greenbelt watching the twin towers fall, holding my 10-month-old baby wondering if T was going to be able to get out or would be shipping out somewhere dangerous.

October-December – More online house hunting.  Hoping for T’s stop-loss waiver to go through.

2002 January – T and I were married in the Catholic church so I could be my cousin’s godmother.

February – Found and bought a house sight-unseen outside of Boise.  My parents saw it and approved, so we put in an offer.

March-April – Found out I was pregnant with Sass and had a meltdown. Didn’t know if we were going to change our minds and have T stay active duty.  Stop-loss waiver was approved and we took it as a sign!

May-July  – Packing and organizing and growing a baby.

August – Hit the road for Idaho.  Got out at the Texas/New Mexico border and did a little happy dance.

September – T went back to school full-time and found part-time work.

October-November – Planning and organizing for a home birth for Sass.  She was born the Sunday before Thanksgiving, 13 hours after we picked my Granny up at the airport.

December – Drove from Idaho to Nevada for one of my best friend’s wedding 6 weeks after Sass was born.  Found out Christmas Eve my mom’s biopsy was positive for breast cancer.  Remember hugging her in the hallway and telling her that we would get through and I’d do all I could to help.

2003 January – Trying to cope with new baby and toddler while T was gone for 12-18 hour days once the semester began.

February – April – Started making every 3-week trips between Idaho and Nevada to be there for my mom to cook and clean and be a pain in the ass about drinking fluids and eating enough.

June – Sass was baptized.  My parents along with my dad’s parents and Sass’ godparents were all in attendance. This would be the last time I saw my Gramps.

September – My mom called and told me that Gramps had died – drowned while snorkeling in Mexico before my grandparents were to get on the boat for their cruise through the Panama Canal.  Made the trip back to Pennsylvania for his funeral with the girls.

October – SmartyPants turns 3 and starts preschool.

November – Sass turns 1.

December – Christmas with my parents at our place.  They take the kids back with them and T and I have two days to ourselves. We then drove to Nevada for New Year’s.

2004  January – T is in his last semester and set to graduate in the spring.  There is much rejoicing.

May – T becomes the first in his family to get a bachelor’s degree.  Heart-swelling pride!  Lots of family came out to celebrate with us.

September-December – T left for San Antonio for tech school for the Guard.  That was the longest 16 weeks of my life – so far, I’m sure.

2005 – Most notable for buying a new house and getting pregnant with Sweet Pea and becoming neighbors with Tiffany.

September – Sass starts preschool.

December – Sweet Pea is born!!  Third kid so much easier of a transition than the first two.

2006 – T realized that his job sucked with no room for advancement and not having any luck finding something better in the area.

June – Family reunion in Florida.  Reconnected with my cousin (then 18) who I hadn’t seen since she was 9.  No words to describe the happiness to have her back in my life.

July – T interviews for a job in Nevada.  I’m not thrilled with the prospects of moving “home.”

August – SmartyPants starts kindergarten.

September – T accepts job offer in Nevada.  We put our house on the market about 6 weeks after the housing market started to crash.

October – On the road to Nevada.  Moved our 5 people + 1 dog + 2 cats into my parents’ 2000 sq. ft. home.  Can you say stress?

November-April – Still living with my parents, but patience wearing thin on all levels.

May – Move into the 70s retro house complete with flocked wallpaper and gold floor.

June-August – Settling into new house.  New windows installed? Check.  New roof? Check.  Wallpaper removed from all surfaces? Check.

September – Spent 10 days in Maine visiting friends and loving the beauty of the northeast.

October – Completed 13.1 miles remotely as part of the Nike Women’s Marathon, which was held in San Francisco.  (Ran the first 10 miles.)

2008 – Honestly, not much changed in 2008.

April – T and I celebrate our 10th anniversary.  Well, kind of.  He was gone for training for 6 weeks between March and April.  But before he left, he did buy me this:

June – Went to New Orleans for a charter school conference. Hurricanes (the drink) were my friend.

July – Started blogging.

August – Birthday, family reunion in Colorado, horrible case of vertigo.  Too young to be falling apart!

December –  Joined The Sisterhood and got back into regularly meeting with my treadmill.

2009 – This year?  Well this year has been full of new friends (and here) and rekindling friendships from long ago. It had me welcoming my long-lost cousin and her husband out for a week of skiing and sightseeing and fun in February.  May brought her younger sister out for week of fun.  It had me spending a fun-filled weekend in D.C. with friends/colleagues and attending a conference with them.  It had me preparing to run a half marathon in October (which I completed successfully running the whole way. Not that I’ve mentioned that before or anything).  It had me committing to complete another half marathon in 2010 for a fantastic charity/organization.

Don’t get me wrong.   2009 wasn’t a never-ending bed of roses.  There were the downs I wrote about and some that I didn’t.  I spent a lot of time with my family.  T bought me a new computer and a new camera.

This year has brought so much vibrancy to my life.  I know 2010 will be even better.  I will get to meet some of my bloggy friends in April.  T will be welcomed/initiated into our church.  We have a family reunion in Maine.  I will participate in a half-marathon with a group of bloggy/twitter friends in June.  (Let’s hear it for TEAM SHRINKING JEANS!) There will be many more challenges from The Sisterhood.

T is going to back to school (while continuing to work his regular job and the guard) for his Master’s degree this spring.  SmartyPants will continue to compete in gymnastics.  Sass will find her niche in swimming or maybe go back to gymnastics.  Sweet Pea will learn to ski this winter.  They girls will continue to grow and change becoming smarter and more beautiful than they already are.

Look out 2010!  Here I come!!


5 responses to this post.

  1. wow, what a view into your life — way cool!! i don’t think i could remember that much. of course, most of the past 10 years was me being single in my early 20’s, and i have blocked it out, lol. this next year is going to rock!! i’m so excited for you guys doing the TNT half! and a little jealous, too 😉

    happy new year, i’m glad to have met you 🙂

  2. Wow that’s quite the decade! I’m impressed you even remember all that by months. I’m way happy to have become friends with you too and I’m wishing you and your family a fabulous new decade to come! Hugs!

  3. How the hell did you remember all of that? My memory is completely shot nowadays! Loved learning all about you, hooker!

  4. Damn, your memory is WAY BETTER than mine!

    So glad I am not the only one who buys houses unseen, except for on the internet! Didn’t know that you and Tiffany were neighbors! How fun!

    You are going to have a kick-ass 2010!!


  5. I’m so glad I was one of the highlights of 2010! That made me smile…

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