I’m still alive

I just realized that it’s been almost a week since I last posted.  I suppose that’s what happens when the holidays hit and there are people to see and things to take care before life kicks back in on January 4th.  There hasn’t been a lot to write about.  I haven’t even been taking that many pictures.  Although I might get some more because I think we are expecting some more snow today.

But, I wanted to let you know that I’m still running and still being a wonderful slave to the treadmill.  On Monday I ran 6.5 miles because I wanted to.  I love that I’ve overcome my mental block of last summer.  I just keep telling myself that I ran 13.1 without stopping, what’s a measly 4 or 6 or 7 miles.  If you notice over on the right side there is a new button.  It’s the latest challenge from The Sisterhood. You can read about it here.  In a nutshell the challenge is to help retrain your brain to be healthier.  I swear that being healthy is about 99% mental.  If you don’t overcome the negative thoughts in your head you’ll never get up and do whatever exercise you’ve said you were going to do.  You’ll never choose broccoli over chocolate.  But once your body is healthy and you start feeling stronger you won’t WANT to put that pan of brownies in your mouth.  One will be enough.  You will want to eat things that enhance your workout not hinder it.

I’m so excited to keep working towards my goal.  What’s my goal, you may ask.  It’s not something concrete.  My goal is be able to run in the San Diego Rock ‘N Roll half marathon and get closer to the 2-hour mark.  (Btw, have you clicked on my link above for my Team in Training site?  If not, here it is so you can help me reach my goal.)  That would be taking 18 minutes off my time from the Nike Women’s Marathon last October in San Francisco.  That seems like a lot, I know.  But when I ran/jogged those 13.1 last October I hadn’t run further than 6 miles in over two years.

So join me and a bunch of other ladies (and a few guys) in Rethinking our Shrink for the next 7 weeks.

Rethink Your Shrink!


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  1. I think you are SO right that it’s all about mindset! I’m really looking forward to this new challenge and getting my mind AND my body in the right place!

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