Planning – Christmas edition

I just realized that I didn’t do my Monday planning post.  Maybe that’s why I feel lost and crazy this week.  I’m going to do a shortened list for the rest of the week.

  1. I am planning on making cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls for Christmas day today.
  2. I’m planning on going to the store this morning and getting supplies for said baking.
  3. I am planning on running two more times this week. When? Not sure yet.
  4. I’m planning on cleaning my house before we have company on Saturday.
  5. I’m planning on keeping my house orderly before an old friend from high school stays with us next week.
  6. I’m planning on getting the Christmas presents wrapped before Christmas morning. (I swear this is my real goal. I’ve yet to wrap one present and I don’t think it will get done until after the kids go to bed tomorrow night.)
  7. I’m planning on enjoying my kids and family even if I want to kill them periodically.

So there you have it. My goals for the week.  Now, it’s time to drink some coffee so I get moving and start on this list.


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