The silencing of an important outlet

I’m a regular follower of the military blogger Bouhammer.  Yesterday he posted about a blog-wide silence from milbloggers all over the world.  Essentially what they are protesting is the fact that many units which these folks serve in are telling them that they cannot blog about whatever they want to.  These blog provide an insight and perspective into all things military.  They are opinions of each blogger and do not reflect the “official position” from the military.  This is where the line is fuzzy.  How can the general population really KNOW what is going on with our troops if they are not allowed to voice an opinion.  Sometimes the public needs to know what is going on and sometimes things DO need to change.  But it is my opinion that these milbloggers’ voices are important to hear and their careers should not suffer because of it.  With my left-slanting views and T who happens to be military (which can sometimes conflict), I relish hearing the different opinion from my own and allowing it to enter into my consciousness and sometimes even change my opinion.

From Bouhammer himself:

Milblogs have been a vital link in getting accurate news and information  about the military, and military operations, to you.  Today, many milblogs  are gone and others are under attack from within and without.  Today, you  have the chance to imagine a world without milblogs, and to do something  about it.  Make your voice heard by writing your congressional  representatives and others, and by making donations as you see fit.

Please, if you feel so inclined, do what he asks.  Write your representatives local and national and voice your opinion so THEIR voices will still be allowed to be heard. I know I am.


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