Monday Planning

Today is Monday.  Today is the Monday after a quick trip to Idaho.  (Is that even possible? After all it is 400 miles one way.)  Today is the first snow day my town has seen in YEARS!!  Unfortunately that only applies to Sweet Pea as the other two are being grumpy at me because school is here at home and I’m making them do some school work.  With all of that said.  Here’s my plan for the week.

  1. Enjoy the fact that I have a drinks-date with a friend Tuesday evening.
  2. Bunco is Wednesday. (two nights out with the girls in one week!)
  3. Stay on top of school work with SmartyPants and Sass.
  4. Find clothes for my kids to wear that don’t have stains and semi-match for their yearly pictures on Thursday.
  5. Get my three runs in this week.
  6. Keep up my efforts to fundraise for Team in Training.  (Have I mentioned The Sisterhood is participating in a half-marathon in San Diego next June? No? Okay. Will post more on that later! So excited about this!)
  7. Plan Sweet Pea’s birthday party for Saturday.
  8. Remember to breathe when the kids drive me crazy.
  9. Not go crazy while T is gone back to Boise for a long weekend of work.

So that’s my plan for the week.


One response to this post.

  1. Two nights out?? After an Idaho trip? No fair!

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