I’m Planning

Yes, it’s Monday morning. The Monday morning after a four-day weekend.  The Monday morning after a nice and relatively relaxing weekend with my favorite friends and family.  And now it’s time to hit the ground running.

  1. I’m planning on somehow running 3 days this week.
  2. I’m planning on cutting my kids some slack with their school work.  (Shh, don’t tell!)
  3. I’m planning on going to Idaho this weekend to see Tiffany and pick up a half a cow from another friend.  (Can’t wait!!)
  4. I’m planning on taking pictures of T’s promotion ceremony where he pins on his 1st Lieutenant rank (which he technically received in October, but the military is rarely prompt when it comes to administrative tasks.)
  5. Have I mentioned that T has been secretly anticipating lots of overtime and bought me this yesterday?  So, I’m planning on learning how to use it this week.  (Yes, there is a bit of guilt here, but I’m loving the camera.)
  6. I’m planning on not killing kids on the drive to or from Idaho.
  7. I’m planning on keeping my attitude positive this week.

Does anyone else have any plans for the week?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Yay new camera! So glad your wish finally came true! Hope you have a great and productive week!

  2. a friend and i have talked about halfing a cow, but haven’t gotten around too it. i’m afraid that the natural stuff will taste funny. have you done it before?

  3. You got a new camera? How did I not know this? Yay you!

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