You Capture – Food


This week.  Let’s see here.  It has been a week filled with kids anxious and excited about the upcoming holidays and birthdays and the change in weather and amount of daylight.  It’s been filled with lots of deep breathing for me.  I will give my girls credit.  The past two days have been exponentially better.  But last Thursday?  Last Thursday was a day I’d had my fill of the whining and complaining and bickering and tattling and… I’ll stop there.  Do you know what made my day?


A nice, hot cup of peppermint mocha.  Mmm.  I savored the moment.  I inhaled the sweet aroma.  And for at least that moment, I didn’t think about what was next.  I just enjoyed.

(Check out what others took delicious pictures of here at Beth’s.)


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  1. Looks like sanctuary to me. Hope you and your family have a lovely, peaceful and warm Thanksgiving holiday!

  2. Mmm, peppermint mocha is my favorite. I anxiously wait for its return every year.

  3. Posted by capitolmommy on November 27, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    YUM! One of the saving graces of winter…Peppermint mocha’s!!

  4. Is there any better treat than a peppermint mocha? SO DELICIOUS! When I’m not pregnant, I would usually have one or two a week, I miss them terribly!

    (although, I did sneak and have a little one a few weeks ago, it was so good.)

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Now this might be my favorite picture of all : ) I have never had one, but the thought of caffeine just makes my heart sing : ) Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful!

  6. Posted by mrssoup on November 30, 2009 at 9:53 am


  7. Merry Christmas! I hope it filled with joy and love!

    Thank you for your visits – I always enjoy reading you comments!


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