I’m Planning

So I’m back to plan for this holiday week.  It will be a short week in regards to school and work.  Sweet Pea actually has the whole week off.  Hopefully she doesn’t get carried away with her button-pushing antics and drive me crazy! (And by button-pushing antics, I don’t mean buttons on electronic devices.  I mean the buttons she pushes on her sisters and myself.)

  1. I’m planning on not getting sucked into Twitter while I’m trying to work.  Sometimes that is VERY hard to do.
  2. I’m planning on running 3-4 times this week.  Today is a run day and then Thursday T and I are doing a 10K Turkey Trot.  I haven’t decided if I will run Wednesday or Saturday.  We’ll see.
  3. I’m planning on enjoying my turkey day feast. We will have the basic yummy stuff.  And we are celebrating with my family and friends.  Should be a good time.
  4. I’m planning on getting Sweet Pea into bed earlier. I think her button-pushing has a lot to do with not enough sleep.  Hopefully I can convince her that she needs to sleep – that’s the hard part.
  5. I’m planning on having some family and friends over for cupcakes to celebrate Sass’s 7th birthday.  Hopefully my last minute calls won’t be a problem with anyone.
  6. I’m planning on heading out to the mall for Black Friday with a friend.  Need to see if there is anything that needs to be bought that is extra cheap.  I am not looking forward to paying for Christmas this year.  Ugh.

So if you’re planning anything this week, let me know.


One response to this post.

  1. Me, me – I’m planning too! But my week involves a lot less planning than yours.

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