New Moon

Last night, early this morning, however you want to look at it, I went and saw a midnight (12:20) showing of New Moon.  Just last weekend at scrapbooking I made the comment to the friend I was with that I really had no interest in the Twilight series.  I got hooked into Harry Potter by receiving the 2nd book in the series as a gift.  I couldn’t very well read the 2nd book first, so I had to get the first…and then I was hooked.  Well, no one I know is handing me copies of the series.  I am also not one to jump on a bandwagon.  They aren’t my thing.  Part of it is because I’m stubborn.  I don’t want to like what everyone else is telling me to like.  Sometimes I come around in the end and sometimes I just can’t.  (Skinny jeans anyone?)  I am also not much of a fantasy fiction kind of person – unless it comes highly recommended.  It’s just not the genre I go out of my way to find.  I have read none of the books and didn’t see the first movie.

T has a friend he met at the Nevada Guard and it was her birthday today and she wanted to know if I wanted to go with her.  I’ve met her twice before and she seemed nice both times I’ve met her.  Her daughter is the same age as SmartyPants.  There is potential.  Also, I can’t remember the last time I was afforded the opportunity to make such a stupid decision relating to lack of sleep.  It was definitely before children.  (Well, maybe not.  Maybe it was this trip.)  But I usually have my head screwed on straight and accept my limitations.  T was encouraging me to go.  He even said he would go into work late and take Sweet Pea to school so I could sleep a little longer this morning.  I also took a Twitter poll and the majority said go for it.  So I did.  It was fun, but I think it was fun because it was different.  It was out of the ordinary for me.

The movie?  Well, it was entertaining with a side of cheesy.  I felt a little bit like  Really!?! by Seth and Amy. Vampires and werewolves fighting over someone I just couldn’t fathom wasn’t Alyssa Milano about 10 years ago?  (Does anyone else see that?)  I am not head of heels gaga over Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner.  I will concede that Jacob did have some nice abs and beautiful broad shoulders.  (And now I have to admit that I just had to google their names because I had no frickin’ clue what they were.)  Cheese doesn’t bother me, but I wasn’t wow’ed by the movie.  *ducking rabid fan rage*

I haven’t seen all the Harry Potter movies either because after the first one I just saw things differently in my head when I read the book and couldn’t accept the movie portrayal.  This may be the same thing with the Twilight series.  Maybe I do just need to buckle down, bite the bullet and read them.  Just so I can say I’ve read them.  Then I can evaluate whether or not I actually like them or they are just a fun, mindless, easy read or if I really don’t like the whole plot.

Right now I’ve started reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.  I’m only a couple of chapters in, but that is also coming to a movie theater near you next month too.  So I will hold off on reading the Twilight series, for now.

Bottom line. I didn’t kill anyone today due to the exhaustion of getting home at 3:15.  I had a fun time hanging out and getting to know someone new.  So was last night worth it?  Yeah, it was.


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  1. One of my friends from work handed me Twilight and told me to read it. It was definitely an easy read but very addicting. I’m always a sucker for a good love story. To me that’s all it is. It just happens to have vampires in it. But I haven’t seen the movies, so I can’t comment on those. I was just handed a copy of New Moon today, so I’ll keep you posted. I recommend the books – even against your will. It’s less of a brain suck than Facebook! 🙂

  2. At the risk of also incurring fan wrath, I can say I read the books and I got hooked into the plot line (or, not even the plot line, just the question: was she going to end up a vampire and were they going to live happily ever after?) and couldn’t put them down because they were like crack. I just HAD to know how it was going to end. But I suffered the whole time because it dragged, the writing was crap, and (I didn’t even notice until after I got to the end – I was that desperate to find out what happened) the characters are kind of dumb too. So that said, I liked “Twilight” the movie waay better than the book (which is something I have never said before about any book-movie translation). I think 1) because of the R. Patt. eye candy and 2) it doesn’t drag like the books do, seeing as how it’s can only last 2 hours… 🙂 Of the whole series, I liked “Twilight” the best and “New Moon” the least. I’m gonna go see it on Sunday, so we’ll see how that goes.

    (And does anybody else get super annoyed by all Kristen Stewart’s stupid outraged orgasmic breathing? Is it just me?)

    Now Harry Potter on the other hand…those books are solid gold.

    I’m glad to hear you had a good time though! And that you survived the crazy hour! 🙂

  3. Posted by Your Woman on November 21, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    I’ve also not given into the Twilight series books yet – but that’s mostly because I don’t allow myself to read anything ‘fun’ during the school year (at least non-math fun!). I LOVED the Lovely Bones and can’t wait for the movie! Enjoy!

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