Time Change and Planning

So despite how much I didn’t like my 3yo crawling into bed with me at 6 am, I have to say that this time is not too shabby.  Don’t talk to me come spring, because THAT is the change I despise.  It makes mornings insane and grumpy and I don’t even get to take them to school and let someone else deal with their crappy moods.  But “fall back”?  This I can handle.  I have happy, chipper children this morning.  We are all ready to take Sweet Pea to school and it’s not even time to leave yet!  This in and of itself is amazing.  A week ago we woke up 20 minutes before we needed to leave.  Granted everyone was fed, dressed, brushed, and ready to go within that 20 minutes, but can you say adrenalin?  So I’m not a hater of “fall back”.  I don’t even mind the dark evenings.  I’m more of a night person anyway, so it always feels like I’m staying up later than I am because it’s been dark for so long.  Yeah, I’m weird.  I know.

It’s also the beginning of the week, so I need to plan for my week.  Last week I missed my exercise goal due to Halloween and not feeling 100%.

  1. I’m planning on running 3 days this week.
  2. I’m planning on getting supplies for an art project for my CCD students.
  3. I’m planning on not going slightly crazy on Thursday when I will only be home for about 3 hours between 8 am and 9 pm.
  4. I’m planning on enjoy Thursday despite said craziness because T will be back in town.  (YEAH for husbands who are home!)
  5. I’m planning on making arrangements for Sass and SmartyPants to have their respective birthday sleepovers.
  6. I’m planning on staying healthy.

I think that’s enough planning for one week.  Anyway, I hope your week is starting out as splendid as mine.  (Although, now as I type that, I’m probably cursing myself for slow, unmotivated children doing school work this morning.)  Here’s to fall!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by MitaKay on November 2, 2009 at 9:57 am

    Good luck with your plan! I quit making plans because they never work out for me!

  2. I so need to run this week. I haven’t run since last Monday. Ugh. And the 5k is this weekend. Ugher.

  3. Um, I promise to participate in some planning of my own next week!

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