This weekend has been a little crazy feeling.  Traveler has been gone since o’dark hundred Friday morning and between drill and a trip for his full-time job, we won’t see him until late Wednesday night.  I’m not sure who I pity more, me or him!  Friday was a day off for Nevada Day.  The girls had some school work to finish up and then we headed out to the mall to spend some of SmartyPants’ birthday money.  I also wanted to drop off my anniversary ring to be resized.  Now that it has gotten colder my fingers have shrunk.  It actually flew off my finger last week.  So I had to have that problem fixed.  Couldn’t go around losing jewelry, right?  This was the look in my back seat on the way out. For the most part they were pretty excited.  (Excuse the horrible exposure.)


Friday evening we went trick-or-treating, but first had to stop by my parents house so they could see the girls dressed up.

SANY5249Instead of 3 Men and a Baby.  I had 2 princesses and a cowgirl.  Sweet Pea’s costume was a little long.  I had to do a little mom-improvisation so she wasn’t tripping on it.  The riggings included safety pins and a hair elastic.

We met up with some friends and my brother and niece to go trick-or-treating.  We were only out for about an hour, but this is what they came home with.

the loot

I wasn’t very productive at all yesterday.  I keep feeling like I’m getting sick.  I’ve been getting the burning eyes, scratchy throat, and slight tickle in the back of my throat every afternoon/evening for the last week.  But I’ve been waking up with them now too.  I’m trying to convince my body that now would be a really bad time to get sick, but I’m not sure it’s listening to me.  So yesterday consisted of futzing around the house and meeting up with some friends for more candy collection then a movie on the couch with two of my girls.  SmartyPants spent the night with my parents up at the lake, which was refreshing.  Two is usually so much smoother than three.

Today we will head to church.  I have to get some errands done like get dog food.  The poor dog is 100% out.  I also need to get back to the jeweler and pick up my ring.  All the while starting laundry and getting my work done for the weekend.  Not to mention prepare for this week.  So what am I doing?  Blogging.  Have I mentioned that I excel at procrastination?  I think I’ve perfected it to “art” status.

I hope your weekend of candy and chocolate was a good one.


One response to this post.

  1. I’m a total procrastinator-extraordinaire, too! Right now I should be packing up our hotel room because I just jumped my husband’s shit because he wasn’t moving fast enough. Instead, as soon as he got in the shower, I jumped on Twitter!!

    The girls look SO AWESOME!! Love the little cowgirl 🙂 I think she would look cute with my cowboy!!

    Okay, shower just turned off! Gotta look like I did something!

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