You Capture – Autumn


I didn’t participate in last week’s You Capture, but I vowed that my laziness/moodiness would not get in the way this week.  So this first picture, I will admit to not taking.  Traveler said that I could use it, but that I had to give him credit for taking it.  (Although I messed around with the colors a bit.)  So consider it done.  He took it while on a field trip to a pumpkin patch with Sweet Pea.  They had a little daddy-daughter bonding time.  (And let me tell you, they need it.  If I’m around, she wants NOTHING to do with anyone else.  It’s painful at times for all involved.)


These next pictures are of the jack-o-lanterns the girls and I carved this weekend.  If you remember from a past You Capture, we carved our HUGE pumpkin.   Both of pictures below are carved into the same pumpkin.



This last one has Sweet Pea’s little pumpkin that she got at the pumpkin patch and insisted it get carved too.



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  1. That first photo? Wow!! And then the pumpkin carvings are just way too cute and creative! I am so impressed!

  2. Wow. I’m in awe of the first photo. That is stunning. Just wow. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us!

  3. Are you kidding me?! That photo of the mountains? AMAZING.

  4. Posted by Mary at Musingsofthesixties on October 28, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    The first picture has it all: variety, vibrant color, and a story about the season. Really beautiful! And I love Sweet Pea’s traditional little jack-o-lantern

  5. Love these captures! Those carvings are fantastic and that first picture is spectacular!

  6. That first photo is AMAZING!

  7. Posted by mrssoup on October 29, 2009 at 8:23 am


    Love the pumpkins too! So talented!

  8. Ah, great pumpkins. That must be one massive pumpkin.

  9. I like that 1st shot, but those carved pumpkins are just too cool (especially the little one). Love them!

  10. These shots are great! I know your husband is getting all the praise for the first one (and, wow, let’s face it, it is WELL DESERVED) but your close ups are great, too. Thanks for sharing!

  11. OMG! That first shot is so amazing! The contrast of cool and warm colors is SO amazing! And don’t even get me started on the mountains! Wow. That traveler’s a pretty good picture taker!

    Awesome pumpkin carving! I feel totally lame now because we only carved one and it’s SO not RAD like yours!!


  12. Whoa those are awesome carvings!! And great captures!

  13. w-o-w. What a great shot of the mountains and the pumpkin field. LOVE. IT.

    And your pumpkin carvings look like something out of Martha. I’m impressed!

  14. I love that first one! Great shot!!

  15. absolutely love your first picture =)!

  16. Great shots…the first one is a blue ribbon winner!

  17. that first shot is simply stunning!

  18. Yes Jack-0-lanterns are totally autumn!! We went to a pumkin carving party at Wes’ school last night. It was an adventuer..Maybe I’ll have to blog about it. Fun!

  19. I love your first picture with the mountains in the back ground. So different than the pumpkin patches in wide open endless flat fields here. It was fun to think of autumn from a new perspective!

  20. oh my gosh that pumpkin is ginormous!

  21. How gorgeous are those pumpkins with the mountains behind in the distance? WOW! I love the pumpkin carving. It looks so fantastic! I have been feeling terribly guilty about not carving pumpkins this year…

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