Halloween in Nevada

Cynthia from Running with Letters was curious about the nuances of trick-or-treating in Nevada I mentioned in my planning post for this week.  October 31st is a state holiday here in Nevada.  It is aptly named “Nevada Day“.  Nevada was admitted as a state on October 31, 1864.  Growing up in Northern Nevada was awesome because Halloween was always a day off of school.  I loved when it landed on a Wednesday.  It made for an awesome week.  Carson City is the capital of Nevada and every year there is the Nevada Day parade.  As it being a parade, high school bands from across the state participate.  If you’ve never considered how big Nevada is, take a look at a map.  It is at least an 8 hour drive between Reno and Las Vegas.  It is about 6 hours from Reno to the eastern border of Utah.  So there were 2 days on the bus for these kids that traveled to participate in the parade.

What was awesome about this setup was because of the parade kids in Carson City trick-or-treated on the 30th and then could hit up neighboring cities for trick-or-treating on the 31st.  As a kid? One word.  Awesome.  Double the candy.  In 2000 the powers that be changed from observing Nevada Day on the actual day to making it the last Friday in October  for a 3-day weekend.  The parade would be held on Saturday, which would mean less missing of school for kids (not that this has done anything for the educational system in Nevada) and maybe more people would travel from around the state to participate in the festivities.

This 3-day change has made it interesting to decipher when Carson City will trick-or-treat compared to the rest of the state…especially when Halloween actually falls during the 3-day weekend.  But I am planning on taking the kids out Friday in Carson City for actual door-to-door treating and then Saturday hitting up a kinda trunk-or-treat deal with some friends.

Everyone I talked to in Carson City was confused about which day they would actually be taking their kids out…they all had to defer to the local Carson City paper to be told WHEN to trick-or-treat.

I still miss the days of a middle of the week holiday.


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  1. Wow–thanks for the story (who knew? Celebrating Halloween in Nevada is so radically different from here in plain old VA , I think for us it would qualify as a cultural experience) and for the linky love, too!

    I was in Nevada once, in 2007. We stayed in overnight in Rachael (DEFINITELY a cultural experience) and Las Vegas as part of a month long cross country trip with the kids. I really couldn’t believe how unpopulated it is. The kids in Rachael have a four day school week. It was a great experience to talk with the locals and learn about their life. Thanks for adding yet a new dimension to my Nevada knowledge 🙂

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