My Ink

So Melissa and I were talking ink today on Twitter.  She showed me her’s, and I said I’d reciprocate.

I got my first way back in 1998.  T wanted one after he graduated from TACP/Romad tech school.  I was not a fan of tattoos and didn’t really want him to get one.  But I told him that if he convinced me that I needed one, we would do it together.  I relented because I knew how important it was to him to mark this day.  This graduation that he was told he would never achieve.  So when we went down to the place with a good reputation, I started looking through their books and designs.  I knew I didn’t want something big, and I didn’t want it where I would see it daily.  I still wasn’t sure about the whole idea, so I wanted to make sure if I ever regretted it later on that I wouldn’t have to look at it every day of my life.  I ended up choosing my lower back on the right side.  This is what I found.


Is anyone a Calvin and Hobbes fan?  One of my all time favorite comics.  Hobbes was the thinker, the philosopher, the analyzer.  That pretty much sums me up.  I love the little exclamation point above his head.  To me, this was further representation of me.  Here he is probably surprised at something Calvin did.  People constantly surprise me, both in good ways and bad.  It just seemed fitting.

Then in 2001 I was trying to decide what to get T for Christmas and I kept drawing a blank.  (Beware, sappiness to follow!)  He always told me that I was his good luck charm.  That mixed with his Irish ancestry, brought me to this.


This one is on my left inner, upper arm.  It’s bigger than I was thinking it was going to be, but I’ve gotten used to it.  Although, as I was telling Melissa, I have the tendency to forget about it during winter when I’m constantly in long sleeves.  When I start wearing t-shirts again, it catches off guard when I see it in my peripheral vision.

So at this point I do want another one.  I’ve wanted another one for a while.  I just haven’t been able to justify making the appointment.  But I have the one that is for me and the one for T, now I want one that symbolizes my girls.  I have something in mind, but I need an artist to take the idea and bring it to life.  Have I looked for someone to do that for me?  No.  In time, though, I will get another.  And, again, I’d like it to be in a more subtle place, so I can show it off or not show it off depending on the situation.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Heh. I remember when you were totally anti-tattoo! Now you want another one? You’re so funny.

    I got my second one a few years ago with Mushi — an anklet with a dragonfly. I’ve promised Andrew I wouldn’t get more than one every 10 years or so, so I have to wait for my next…if there will be a next…I haven’t been craving another one just yet, but we’ll see.

  2. I want a new one too!! Tell me your idea and I will help you design, I love that stuff! I have one on my right shoulder blade in memory of my Grandpa, and one for my kids on my left inner wrist.

  3. Posted by Freckles on October 27, 2009 at 8:10 am

    My stars are for myself and my kiddo (purple for me and blue for him). Next I want a shoulder/ quarter sleeve with a magnolia with red and tropicana roses for my grandparents. I love being able to find something that has meaning and is special. And I LOVE your Hobbes one!

  4. Posted by Your Woman on October 27, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    HA! I have only the one on my lower back – and am also happy I don’t have to see it everyday – in case one day I don’t want to! I want another one too, but can’t decide what. My hubby has my name, so of course he wants me to get one of his name – not so sure about that! Hubby has 4, a couple pretty big, but I’m slightly conflicted about both of us having them, since it breaks my heart to think of my perfect little babies with perfect little bodies one day getting one (some)! Ahh! I’m such a hypocrite!!

    I want something girly, cute, fairly small, and for my husband, kids, marriage… would be wonderful! Any ideas?

  5. I want several new ones! We should set a date! 🙂

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