I’m Planning

It’s Monday again.  And this Monday finds me a little bit sore from my half-marathon yesterday (read about it here) and without a husband until Wednesday or Thursday evening.  So my week will be its usual chaotic self.  Actually it might not be as both Sass and SmartyPants are in the thick of whatever crud is going around here.  Luckily I can still sit them down and have them do school work during the peaks of medicine working.  So, here goes nothing.

I’m planning…

  • on preparing for my Tuesday afternoon CCD class today.
  • on completing my treasurer duties today so I have time to ask questions before our board meeting tomorrow night.
  • on trying to be patient with sick kids.
  • on doing what I can to get SmartyPants better so she can compete in her first gymnastics meet Friday (which is actually her 9th birthday!)
  • on getting a few things done for said birthday.
  • on giving Sweet Pea some extra love.  She missed me this weekend.
  • on staying on top of the laundry this week.
  • on running Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  (Sunday I’m participating in a 10K through Nike+).

I think that’s everything.  If anyone wants to join in and let me know what you’re planning on doing this week, jump in and leave your link the comments!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Your Woman on October 19, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    This week..
    Umm…. Not nearly as much as you. Super Congrats on the running – You’re my hero!!!

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