You Capture – Still Life


So I thought I’d have fun this week with this challenge, but this week my camera has decided to not be nice on the macro setting.  I am having trouble getting anything that is not blurry.  Grr.  But I did get a couple of good ones, I think.

This is a birdhouse that T’s aunt made.


Same birdhouse, different angle and editing.SANY5038

Party at my house!SANY5022And this wine? Really yummy. I love that my parents are connoisseurs.  I get to try out so many different wines without having to fork over money.  And, when they come for dinner, they ALWAYS bring a bottle with them.  (That is not why I have them over to dinner, I swear.  It’s the babysitting.  Hmm, wait a minute.  They come over to babysit and must bring wine.  Maybe I should be insulted!)

SANY5018This is the cap (yes, a screw top) of the pink-labeled bottle above.  One of my friends gave me this bottle for my birthday.  Can you read the label?  You know it’s a true friend when they give you a bottle of “bitch” wine, and you know they don’t mean any offense by it.


So what did you capture this week?


6 responses to this post.

  1. Great shots, the slight blur makes them unique. That’s awesome about the wine…good to have connections!

  2. The cap of the bottle is very cool. Great job.

  3. your first photo is very cool. 🙂

  4. Great still lifes! Love the party at my house shot!

  5. How beautiful.. and no I’m not just talking about the wine… =) I want a bird house like that!

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