I think I’ve lost it

Let me do a little list for you.

Monday – school with big girls, preschool drop-off (sometimes pick up), gymnastics, work, exercise

Tuesday – school, work

Wednesday – school with big girls, preschool drop-off (sometimes pick up), gymnastics, work, exercise.

Thursday – school with big girls, swim lesson for 1, homeschool co-op, RCIA meeting, work

Friday – school with big girls, preschool drop-off (sometimes pick-up), work, exercise

Saturday – gymnastics

Sunday – church

Add to this once a month I play bunco and once a month I have a board meeting to go to in the evening.

So you would think that adding anything to this insanity of a schedule would be even more insane.  So what do I do?  I add teaching my 3rd-grader’s CCD class.  As of next Tuesday, my Tuesday’s will not seem so empty.  I will be teaching a class and also Sass will be going to her class at the same time while Sweet Pea gets delivered to my parents.  I am also looking at once Sass gets better at swimming signing her up for the swim team – which meets twice a week – instead of gymnastics.  So, really, I’ve just added more chaos and running around than necessary.

T was asking me last night about whether I felt I was doing too much – because he thinks I am.  Honestly? I probably am, but at the same time, if I’m busy enough I don’t have time to think.  And if I’m not thinking, then even though I’m constantly running around, I’m not as stressed.  Does that make sense?  Thinking in my world is deep and desires communication and talking things to death.  I have three kids, a husband who travels, and a job.  I don’t have time to talk things to death.  I’m busy, people!

So, on top of everything else to do today, I have a teacher training meeting tonight for the CCD program and again, part 2, on Saturday.  Then we are participating in Reno’s Race for the Cure on Sunday.  Now I know why it feels like time is flying.  The weekend offers no respite.  Oh well, at least I get to hang out with the kids during the day.  It doesn’t feel like I’m missing out on time with them when I spend my days WITH them.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You forgot about girl scouts. And the every other month scrapbooking weekend. And trips to the doctor and the vet and the grocery store and…

  2. You are so funny. The leteral fall pictures would have been unique…but I think I agree…probably not the best mothering technique to cause the fall. 🙂 Now, if there happened to be something slippery on the floor (and a nice soft pillow to land on) and they accidentally fell and you just happened to have your camera…. 😉

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