You Capture – Happiness


This week’s You Capture, courtesy of Beth, was to capture happiness.  I will admit that this last week it was difficult to see the happiness in life.  But I kept looking.  Here is where I found it.

I found it in taking my oldest two girls out for a treat.


Aren’t they cute drinking their bottle of root beer?

The other place I found happiness was in walking on the new section of freeway running through town.  It doesn’t open until Thursday or Friday, but last Saturday morning they opened it for a fun run/walk/bike.  Sweet Pea was in the stroller.  Sass rode her bike the WHOLE way without complaining.  (It was just over 3 miles.)  SmartyPants didn’t get to go because she had gymnastics.


And this last picture is a cheat.  It is from a couple of weeks ago, but it brings me such a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.  Sweet Pea is a mommy’s girl through and through.  She pretty much ignores T unless he’s doing something fun or she doesn’t have a choice.  (Which makes me sad, because she is such a snuggle girl.)  But this picture shows just how much love she has for him.  *sigh* It makes this mommy happy.


So what did you capture this week?


14 responses to this post.

  1. Great shots! Your daughters are precious 🙂

  2. Root beer, alone, makes me happy 🙂 Your daughters are so cute…and I once had the chance to walk down a major interstate right before they opened it. It was a very fun experience (and I think about it every time I have to drive through that area!)

  3. Aww, daddy’s girl photo is just precious! =) Lovely.

  4. Oh that last one is awesome! So sweet. 🙂 Of course, I also do love that mile-wide (if toothless) grin over root beer!

  5. Aww, great shots!

    They opened our highway to the public here too. I wish I would have went out to walk on it.

  6. my son loves root beer!!

    love the little dirt bike – I had one when I was a little girl too

  7. I love how your little girl is looking at her Dad, you can see the love!

  8. Posted by verbalmedium on September 24, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    I love the look on your daughter’s face in that last shot. So, so sweet. Cute kids you have here!

  9. Ok, that last comment was from me — I was logged in to my business account! oops!

  10. That last picture is AWESOME!

  11. how neat that you got to trek down the new highway before the cars.

    Great shots!

  12. How fun to ride/run on a new freeway! I’d love to do that!

    And happiness is in a toothless grin! What sweet girls!

  13. I love the shot of T and Sweet Pea. It was great to get to visit with T last night, and now we’ll send him home to hang out with you!

  14. Posted by Mary at Musingsofthesixties on September 28, 2009 at 8:57 am

    Great, interesting pictures! You DID capture happiness and maybe that’s what made this a good assignment. Some of us had to LOOK for it this week. You did a GREAT job!

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