My husband gets me

Traveler has been out of town since Monday.  Happily he should be home before the girls go to bed tonight.  Unfortunately he leaves again Friday at o’dark hundred and won’t be back until Sunday.  We were texting last night and he was here reading my blog and noticed my list of 100 things about me and started reading.  He took issue with #87 – which says that I sleep better when I’m the only one in the bed.  He thought this was “horrible”.  I asked if he read #88 – which says that I feel guilty because he is just the opposite.  So he goes on to give me shit about needing to change #87 to “I constantly miss and adore my husband.”  I laughed at this point, because really? I do miss him constantly when he is gone, and I adore his devotion to this family we have created.  (Yes, you just saw sap dripping off your screen.  Sorry about that.)  But that list of 100 things was about me telling the bloggy world a little bit about myself (okay, 100 things is A LOT about myself).  And I pointed out quite directly that it is “my blog, my honesty”.  His reply (based upon this list)?

“Honest, control freak who needs a well-planned vacation.”

Right there.   That sums me up right now.  I am so glad that he gets me.  If he didn’t after 11+ years of being married and 13+ being together, I think I’d worry.  Love you babe! Can’t wait to see you tonight.


2 responses to this post.

  1. So sweet. And you should totally take him up on that vacation thing! I mean, when he said that, he was suggesting you take one, right?? Get packing!

  2. You two are so cute!

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