Can I just say something?  Of course I can, it’s my blog.  I miss SW Idaho so much, but at the same time, I don’t.

I miss Tiffany and her husband.  I miss the fields of corn towering over the roads.  I miss the smell of mint wafting through the air as you drive by the fields where they grow.  I miss being able to stop and one of many markets selling FRESH fruit and vegetables.  I miss how family friendly the whole place is.  You know what I don’t miss?  The traffic.  And that’s a deal breaker for me at this point.

Last weekend T had drill in Boise and it was time for Boise’s annual Art in the Park.  Last year was the only year in the last 7 that we have missed.  I was so sad.  The girls and I head out on the road Friday morning for the 400+ mile drive.  It usually takes about 7 hours to get there with our stop in Winnemucca for McDonald’s.  Unfortunately in the last hour between Winnemucca and McDermitt (which is on the border of Oregon) I was cruising along at a nice little pace of about 85 mph on the lonely roads of rural Nevada and I got pulled over.  The posted speed limit is 70.  Okay, that’s 15 mph over the speed limit, but have you driven on the 2-lane highways in Nevada?  If you haven’t, don’t criticize.  I have on numerous occasions passed a police car going the opposite direction when I’ve been speeding.  They usually flash their lights at you with a warning and keep on going.  To make matters worse, my tags were officially expired (although DMV has my check somewhere and I should have the tags soon), and I didn’t have an up to date insurance card on me.  So, I get pulled over for doing 15 over, no proof of insurance, and expired tags.  For a moment I thought we might not make it to Idaho after all.  My only consolation was that my girls know they MUST have their seat belts on and therefore I didn’t get THAT ticket too.  So, long story short, it took an extra 45 minutes to get to Tiffany’s.  The evening was relaxing.  The girls played, we ate dinner, T came in from Boise and spent the night.  Tiffany and I stayed up until 2 a.m. talking.  It was great to have that uninterrupted time…granted morning came too quickly.

Saturday morning the girls got up and Mr. Jerrod (Tiffany’s husband) asked them what they wanted for breakfast.  “Blueberry Pancakes!” was the resounding answer, so of course that is what he made.  (We get very spoiled when we visit.  Jerrod is an awesome cook who loves cooking, and Tiffany is pretty awesome when she cooks too, but she’s like me.  If someone else is going to cook, let them!)

The plan for Saturday was to go to Art in the Park.  I love seeing all the stuff people make and haul to Boise every year.  There is such diversity among the crafts and paintings and various artwork.  The girls’ decided they need marionettes.  SmartyPants got a black horse she named Licorice.  Sass picked a reindeer she named Demetrius.  Sweet Pea picked out a white cat with brown spots and named it Pumpkin.  The puppet booth was on the first row we wandered down, and I made them wait until we had looked at all of the booths before I would let them finalize a decision on what to pick out.  We enjoyed Pronto Pups, fresh roasted corn on the cob, cotton candy and lemonade (which I remember being significantly better in previous years.)


We sat on the grass and listened to the live music.  I do have to say that I wasn’t impressed with the vocals of the lead singer.

SANY4809You can’t tell that Sweet Pea likes Miss Tiffany, can you?  The only problem with having 3 kids is the fact that any one person only has two hands.  There was always one girl that didn’t get to hold her hand.  Being loved is hard work.

By the time we got home, we were hot and tired.  We had some veg out time on the couch watching TV. Dinner was pretty yummy.  Tiffany made this baked chicken/sweet potato combination that was delicious (and I don’t even like sweet potatoes!).  In addition to Tiffany’s concoction some of their friends came over for dinner and brought this lettuce wrap mix that was equally yummy.  Their friends have 3 kids too, so all 6 of the little monsters were running around the house and having the time of their lives.

Sunday morning we headed back into Boise to visit the zoo.  Sometime since we had been there last the zoo has acquired giraffes and lions.  I couldn’t wait!


He was a very thirsty giraffe.  Can you see the drool?

SANY4832I had a hard time getting the lion pictures to come out.  The kept getting reflection off the glass which was really annoying.  The glass was the only thing separating us.  She was laying right next to it.  And I noticed this.


That is one big kitty paw!

After we got back to Tiff’s we relaxed for a bit and then had dinner.  I started the packing process of trying to find all of our stuff that seems to get strewn around where ever we go.

The drive home was uneventful in the way of NOT getting any speeding tickets.  I didn’t even see one cop car the whole way home.  I was never so happy to be out of the car in my life.  I was exhausted from lack of sleep.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I actually stopped about 2 hours from home so I could close my eyes because some of my eye blinks were getting longer than they should have been.  On our way into town I had to drop SmartyPants off at gymnastics.  Luckily T was going to pick her up, so I unloaded the car and sat down to work.

I have come to the concrete conclusion that I need sleep.  No, not because I’m a big baby, but because my vertigo has felt like it has wanted to rear its head.  Being tired makes it feel worse.  So I can’t be invincible any more.  Sleep is my friend.

The trip was short and sweet, but lots of fun.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Boise, *sigh*. I miss Idaho a lot.

    Love your photos and glad you and Tiffany were able to hang and catch up! I still hope that one day I can hang with you girls! ;o)

  2. Gotta love that lion! And I must say I enjoyed sleeping in on Tuesday! 🙂 But it was great to see you guys. Can’t wait to do it again soon. And, Melissa, you are welcome anytime!

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