The new haircut

I have only ever done drastic things to my hair in regards to length.  Almost 6 years ago my hair was fairly long – probably 6 inches passed my shoulders.  I was sick of it.  I have extremely thick hair and when it is long I rarely do more than wash it, let it air dry, and it go up into a clip because I cannot stand having hair in my face.  It drives me batty.  I don’t have time for hair bugging me.  Almost 6 years ago I chopped it all off.  I got a pixie cut.  It never made it passed my jaw line until last year.  This is an example of how short it was.  (Excuse the crazy glasses, I had laser eye surgery that morning and we went on to have our retro/70’s housewarming party that night. Also, can you believe how little my baby was then?)

Me and my baby

The next picture was the best hair picture I could come up with.  It was one the pictures I took for the You Capture – self portrait challenge.


It was long enough to get into a good ponytail when I run.  To give you an idea of how thick it is.  If I use one of the big, elastic ponytail holders I can barely get it around 3 times.  Also, if I were to put it up in a ponytail or a clip when it was wet, it wouldn’t dry by the end of the day.  There would still be damp hair in the middle.  Now, I know many of you out there would kill to have thick hair.   And I’m thankful, but there is so much of it that normal hair cuts you see on people in magazines or on TV, my hair doesn’t do those things.  I hate having the thinning shears used on it because it always seems to be an odd texture.

The lady I went to thinned it, but used the regular scissors and I’m not exactly sure what she did, but I have about half the hair I used to in the back…and this is a good thing.  She only took about 3 inches off the overall length.  She cut some layers, which I’ve never had before.  She also flat-ironed it.  (I don’t own one and doubt I will ever put forth the effort to get one and actually use it.)  But here is the best picture I could get of the new do.  (Geez, I never thought I could write so much about my hair!)


So, what do you think?


3 responses to this post.

  1. LOVE IT!!! It looks so awesome!

    I have the same thick hair. Same issues with the rubber band and hair still being damp at the end of the day. ARGH!!!! Doesn’t it feel amazing to have thinner hair now?! I love my new cut so much, and the guy didn’t take any length off, but took half of my hair none-the-less!

    You look HAWT 😛

  2. Posted by Your Woman on September 21, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    I haven’t seen pics of you in years!!! You look so good! Love the hair! And what??? I use my straightening iron every day, or my curling iron, usually at the gym in the morning. In uncomfortable cute shoes. Usually heels. Full on girly.

  3. OMG, I just wrote about my hair too! You and I have THE SAME HAIR. If my hair is too long, than it just droops around my face. It takes effing forever to blow dry. My husband wants me to grow it out. I am going to get it cut on Wed but I’m trying to decide which way to go with it- shorter (like I like it) or long layers. Just typing “long layers” makes me cringe!

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