Slacker…but not really

21 Days with the Sisterhood!

I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks for the check-in with the Sisterhood. But, I did commit to the challenge of 21 days to make a new and healthy habit.  I haven’t hit it every day, but I have definitely been drinking more water. Before the challenge there would be days I wouldn’t drink more than about 10 ounces of water in a day.  So, I’ve been working on it and succeeding.  I’ve been hitting about 60 ounces of straight water a day.  On my run days I usually get in more because I have a 24-ounce water bottle of ZipFizz after I run in addition to the rest of the water.

I’ve been running consistently 3 days a week.  I haven’t blogged because I felt I was hitting a wall.  I didn’t want to run because I didn’t think I could do what I wanted to do, and if I didn’t admit it out loud maybe it would get better…and you know what? It did.  I’m odd like that.  I stated way back in the beginning days of the Sisterhood that I wasn’t sure if I could do this “joint effort” thing because I don’t handle positive reinforcement unless I go asking for it.  Ask my husband.  I’m kind of a pain in the ass in that regard.  But this Sisterhood gig has held me accountable – not to you out there in the blogiverse but to myself.  I know if I didn’t run or didn’t run like I could have, but I don’t like to admit when I haven’t met my own goal.  I’m internally motivated.  I can’t have someone kick me in the arse and have it work.  I’m stubborn.  My inclination is to just stop.  I also don’t like to compete against other people.  This is of concern to me for running in a real, live race in October.  There will be other people there, running.  Go figure.  People running in a running race.  I’m trying not to psych myself out about it, but HOLY SHIT it is only 2 months away!  Yikes.  So anyway, the thought of disappointing myself is what keeps me going.  But knowing that I get to check in with the Sisterhood and read the stories of how everyone else is doing and the yummy recipes that are posted (ones that I never try because I’m lazy).  That keeps me going to, because it lets me know I’m not alone – even if I am alone in my own mind and motivation.


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