You Capture – Motion


(I took the pool pictures with my blackberry.)

IMG00373-5 I took these on the last day of swim lessons for the girls. Sweet Pea had so much fun splashing in the pool and soaking herself.

IMG00377This is Sass jumping off the diving board.  The diving board was their “reward” on the last day of lessons.

IMG00380-1And SmartyPants’ jump. (This is huge for her. She is not a swimmer. She’s a natural gymnast.)

SANY4351A little waterfall found while hiking in the Wasatch mountains outside Salt Lake City.

SANY4444And finally, here’s my Traveler riding the mechanical bull at the Snowbird Resort in UT.  I made him, but he had fun!

Next weeks’ challenge is “peace”, and I have some ideas for this one. I’m excited to try them out!


22 responses to this post.

  1. All your picture are so FUN!
    You did GREAT capturing the MOTION!!!

  2. All your motion shots are great. I love the double whammy of the kids in motion and the water moving. Very nice!

  3. I love the swimming lesson. Great shots.

  4. How FUN! My Goddaughters were wishing there was a diving board at the pool I took them to. I LOVE the waterfall picture!

  5. Love all that BLUR!

  6. great captures of motion this week – I would love to see m hubbie on a bull!!

  7. Posted by mrssoup on August 13, 2009 at 8:52 am

    So fun!

  8. Great shots!

  9. I love that waterfall shot!

  10. hahah, you MADE him ride the bull??? that is so funny….love all your shots…good job!

  11. Fun shots! I really like you’re waterfall. I’ve always wanted to do a photo like that.

  12. Okay, I totally LOVE that your husband rode a mechanical bull. SO awesome!!

    All of your motion pics are so wonderful 🙂

  13. Great shots! I love the waterfall. And that mechanical bull has to be the fanciest one I’ve ever seen! (I’ve obviously not seen many, to be so impressed. 😉 )

  14. I love the mechanical bull shot!

  15. Love them all.. the bull is my favorite though. =) Great captures!

  16. Haha! My hubby was on a bull a few years back! Woke up with bruises on his inner thighs! Thanks for the memory!

    Great motion pics. I used to love swimming lessons!!

  17. Hurray for swim lessons and the courage to make a splash! Great pics!

  18. The waterfall is great! Love the kids jumping off the diving board, too.

  19. These are GREAT!!

  20. I love the pics of the diving board jumps. Classic!

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