Today I’m thirty-three.  How did that happen?  I swear I am still just a kid.  I don’t feel a day older than 21.  I know, I know, I’m not a kid anymore…but I sure don’t feel like what I envisioned 33 would be like.  Anyway, it’s my birthday, let me have my delusions!

I am spending my birthday in Utah with Traveler.  I flew out yesterday morning and T was waiting for me at the hotel.  We went to the gym and ran (yeah me!!).  After cleaning up we headed out to dinner which was fantastic. I had grilled marinated shrimp.

On the way to dinner we ran into these little guys.  Someone had dropped a milkshake, and they let me get within a couple of feet.  They figured I wasn’t going to do anything to them that would make them give up this awesome treat.


This morning I got to sleep in.  T went out and bought me coffee and then we went to breakfast.  After breakfast we headed out for a hike.  It was hard.  It was steep.  But it was beautiful.

SANY4326This was about the only blue sky we saw.  These were the  mountains behind our hotel.  This was not the mountain we hiked.  You couldn’t see the top of the Hidden Peak (11,000) – which is the top of the ski resort at Snowbird.

SANY4329These were different mountains behind us.

SANY4332Aren’t we cute?

SANY4333The hills were beautifully covered in wildflowers.



SANY4353We saw MOOSE!!  (This is why I can’t wait until I get a better camera because I AM getting an awesome zoom lens to go with it!)  There was a huge one with a magnificent rack (he’s the one harder to see in the picture) and a smaller one.  In the process of getting closer to the moose to take the picture, I had to jump over a little ravine.  Well I didn’t quite make it and took a digger – but I didn’t land on my camera!

SANY4355So, any idea how weird it is to be hiking and sweating at your core and then your hands/fingers are numb because, you know, YOUR HIKING IN A CLOUD ON A HIGH MOUNTAIN?  But it was so cool.

SANY4383This was one of the few clear pictures I got.  Do you see the clouds on the left?  Seconds later they had covered the area and we were back to low visibility.

SANY4388Since T had a class he had to go to, we took the tram back down the mountain.  The tram ride took less than 10 minutes.  The hike up? Close to 2 hours.  The building on the right is our hotel.  The curvy path-looking thing is the alpine slide.  I think we are going to do that this evening and the zip line too.

The next pictures are proof that it was a good hike with not-broken-in-enough hiking boots.


The heels are a little sore. I’m thinking I might need to get some sandals.  T’s heels don’t look much better.

I will probably add some more pictures from the weekend later.


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  1. Yeah, the weather was nuts here too. August – go figure! I’m glad you had a good birthday!


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