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Almost Friday

It’s crazy really.  I spend all week thinking, “why can’t it be Friday yet?” and I am just about an hour and a half away from Friday and I can’t believe it’s almost Friday.  Friday is a run day in my world.  I’m thinking about trying to get up early and do it before I drop Sweet Pea off at preschool.  Did I mention that my baby started preschool this week? No? Hmm. Must be because I’m part slacker and part woman-without-her-Mac.  (I’m hoping it’s ready for pickup on Tuesday!)

But anyway, my baby.  She’s going to be 4 before I know it and she is off to preschool three days a week.  Can I tell you how incredibly quiet it is around my house without her constant chatter (which I love until she gets bossy with her sisters and they get bossy back)?  The older two kind of enjoy not having someone with the attention span of a fly and the listening powers of an earthworm interrupting their thought processes while trying to accomplish their school work.  But I miss that cute little face for those 3 hours 3 days a week.  But those hours are good for her…and me.  I can facilitate learning in the other two because they have the capacity for reason (within reason for their ages), but the preschool set.  Well, to be honest with you, I’m not fun enough or perky enough to keep my 3yo engaged in fun, learning-type activities.  I’ll hand her over willingly to a person who LOVES to do those things and take her back when she can sit still for more than 2 minutes at a time.

And speaking of my darling Sweet Pea.  When I told her that she couldn’t wear one of her pretty dresses to play outside in (yes, I’m mean – the kid needs a couple articles of clothing without stains and tears in them), she looked me straight in the eye with her screechy little voice and firmly and harshly said, “I wish you weren’t my mommy!”  This actually hurt my heart more than when SmartyPants told me she hated me.  My 3yo…said she wished she had a different mommy.  Ouch.  But then her little 3yo attention span kicked in and 2 minutes later she was asking me to pick her up for a hug and to help her put her shoes on so she could go outside and play.  Gotta love the split personality tendencies of the girls in this house.  (And for T, when you read this, yes I know I am “one of the girls” too.  Can’t deny that I have moody bitch tendencies.)

And other news in the life of Sweet Pea.  She has new glasses.  I will get a good picture of them.  They are too cute.  They are dark red.  Why, you ask, did she need a new pair of glasses?  Well, her shiny blue “blasses” (I sure am going to miss her mispronouncing every consonant blend at the beginning of a word as “bl”) have a weak spot on the frame, and it snapped Saturday afternoon and we couldn’t find the lens to take them back to Costco and say “FIX IT”.  So we had to go to a one-hour place and play WAY TOO MUCH money and have a new pair made.  So now we have a back up.  I swear this kid.  She’s costing me money – glasses, fixing my laptop.  But I suppose one of the three kids needed to be expensive.  So far the other two have been pretty inexpensive, as kids go anyway.

And now I’m knocking on wood because I think I just cursed myself and I’ll probably end up in the ER this weekend with a broken child from taking the training wheels off the dirt bike.

Oh, wonderful.  And what was I saying about the weekend being just around the corner?  Crap.


What I Learned This Week

Update:  Apple deemed the MacBook fixable to the tune of $1240.  Ugh.  They gave a recommendation for an independent authorized Mac-fixer, so I trudged over to their place…and they will fix it for $500.  I guess this is a good thing.  I really don’t have the $500 to spend on the computer, but what’s the use of having a laptop if I can’t use it?  So I will hopefully have it back and not sticky by Tuesday.


I haven’t participated in Jo-Lynne’s carnival in a while.  I guess I haven’t been feeling the “learning” love.  I think I’ve been preparing for the girls and I to get back to the craziness of school and haven’t really wanted to exert a whole lot of thinking above and beyond what was necessary.

But today?  Well today, has me learning a VERY.IMPORTANT.LESSON.

After pouring my second cup of coffee this morning, I sat down at my beautiful laptop to listen to some new kids tunes I was thinking of downloading from iTunes when my lovely, sweet 3yo, Sweet Pea, decided she was going to point at something on the screen…knocking over said FULL cup of hot coffee right onto the top of the keyboard.  Believe it or not I did not swear – out loud.  Immediately picking up the Mac by the corner of the screen and dumping coffee all over my floor and table and not caring, because OMFG THERE IS A CUP OF COFFEE ON MY KEYBOARD!!!!  Sweet Pea then starts talking to me like nothing happened.  I, needless to say, yelled at her to go away and not to talk to me.  My laptop is now without it’s back/bottom on and drying.  It has been q-tipped, papertoweled around the edges of all the keys, blown dry with the hair dryer.  I am praying that it still works tomorrow when I put it all back together and press the power button.

So, my learning for my this week lifetime?  NEVER PUT A CUP OF LIQUID BETWEEN YOUR COMPUTER AND YOUR CHILD. EVER.

You Capture – Peace


I had a vision last week when Beth announced this week’s challenge was peace.  I mean, how do you capture in 2 dimensions, the essence of peace?  And then I thought what peace looks like in my world.  To me, it means my children getting along.  So this was my idea.


Slacker…but not really

21 Days with the Sisterhood!

I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks for the check-in with the Sisterhood. But, I did commit to the challenge of 21 days to make a new and healthy habit.  I haven’t hit it every day, but I have definitely been drinking more water. Before the challenge there would be days I wouldn’t drink more than about 10 ounces of water in a day.  So, I’ve been working on it and succeeding.  I’ve been hitting about 60 ounces of straight water a day.  On my run days I usually get in more because I have a 24-ounce water bottle of ZipFizz after I run in addition to the rest of the water.

I’ve been running consistently 3 days a week.  I haven’t blogged because I felt I was hitting a wall.  I didn’t want to run because I didn’t think I could do what I wanted to do, and if I didn’t admit it out loud maybe it would get better…and you know what? It did.  I’m odd like that.  I stated way back in the beginning days of the Sisterhood that I wasn’t sure if I could do this “joint effort” thing because I don’t handle positive reinforcement unless I go asking for it.  Ask my husband.  I’m kind of a pain in the ass in that regard.  But this Sisterhood gig has held me accountable – not to you out there in the blogiverse but to myself.  I know if I didn’t run or didn’t run like I could have, but I don’t like to admit when I haven’t met my own goal.  I’m internally motivated.  I can’t have someone kick me in the arse and have it work.  I’m stubborn.  My inclination is to just stop.  I also don’t like to compete against other people.  This is of concern to me for running in a real, live race in October.  There will be other people there, running.  Go figure.  People running in a running race.  I’m trying not to psych myself out about it, but HOLY SHIT it is only 2 months away!  Yikes.  So anyway, the thought of disappointing myself is what keeps me going.  But knowing that I get to check in with the Sisterhood and read the stories of how everyone else is doing and the yummy recipes that are posted (ones that I never try because I’m lazy).  That keeps me going to, because it lets me know I’m not alone – even if I am alone in my own mind and motivation.

Before and after

I’ve mentioned before how “retro” our house was when we bought it.  I posted different pictures here.  We have spent our evenings before the girls’ bedtime tearing up this wonderful carpet and laying a cherry colored laminate floor.  (The beautiful matching royal blue flocked wallpaper left within the month after moving in.) Saturday was a long day of floor installation and furniture moving.


Here’s the after from a slightly different perspective.


And then there is my office/school room.  Here’s the view from the day we moved in.


And the after.


I (with the assistance of my dad) took down the paneling back in March and painted the whole room.  A coat of paint can make such a huge difference.

Our house is slowly changing and being transformed from something decorated in the late 60s/early 70s to something not quite so bold.  I’m a more subtle person.  I love this floor. I may not be saying that when I get to look at the smudges and streaks and dust that will chronically coat it, but it is 100% better than the blue carpet.  Hopefully one day I can get the new kitchen I want.


So Lisa and Christy were trying to make the rest of the twitterverse jealous with their awesome dinner and then didn’t bother to post pictures of dessert.  This is the picture that was posted of what dessert was.

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I don’t think I quite believe them.

You Capture – Motion


(I took the pool pictures with my blackberry.)

IMG00373-5 I took these on the last day of swim lessons for the girls. Sweet Pea had so much fun splashing in the pool and soaking herself.

IMG00377This is Sass jumping off the diving board.  The diving board was their “reward” on the last day of lessons.

IMG00380-1And SmartyPants’ jump. (This is huge for her. She is not a swimmer. She’s a natural gymnast.)

SANY4351A little waterfall found while hiking in the Wasatch mountains outside Salt Lake City.

SANY4444And finally, here’s my Traveler riding the mechanical bull at the Snowbird Resort in UT.  I made him, but he had fun!

Next weeks’ challenge is “peace”, and I have some ideas for this one. I’m excited to try them out!