You Capture – Black and White


Last Friday I was encouraged by friends on facebook to postpone my Friday run and head to the lake to play.  So I did.  It was the perfect day.  Just warm enough for the lake to feel good.  I must be doing something right with this whole picture-taking business because I took 150 pictures in about 1-1/2 hours. I used to be the person who would take one or two pictures for each event and then be disappointed with the results.  So here is a little synopsis of our day.


The obligatory shovel and pail.

SANY4117As we sat on the beach this boat motored by.  No, it wasn’t using the sails.  There was not a stitch of wind.  But on Tahoe you have to be prepared for either lots of wind or none.

SANY4142Then these guys floated by.

SANY4225And then one turned his back and Bottoms Up!  (I was so happy I got this one.  One fault of my camera is it takes about 5+ seconds to get ready for the next picture. Hate that!)

SANY4195There was sunbathing by the one kid that needs to be coated in a permanent layer of SPF 100.  Unfortunately I missed a spot on one of her shoulders both times I put sunscreen on her and she did get a bit of a burn.  I love her freckles!

SANY4167There was much sand digging.

And then Sweet Pea decided to add water to the bucket and was having fun swinging it by the handle to watch the water splash out.

SANY4191 And then she did this…

SANY4207Sass asked to be buried in sand…Sweet Pea didn’t oblige.

SANY4163This was a Sweet Pea creation.  From this angle it looks like a sea turtle in the sand – made up of drift wood and rocks.  She spent about 30 minutes just picking up things on the beach and adding them.

SANY4176Sweet Pea had more fun this trip to the lake than ever before. I could have watched her play all day.

And I have to add 2 more pictures unrelated to the beach but ones that I liked anyway.

Traveler’s drums with the fantastic backdrop of two-tone wood paneling.



SANY4242a picture that I didn’t take.  T did, but I actually liked this picture of me, so I had to post it.

What did you capture this week?


21 responses to this post.

  1. I love the sailboat. And the way the water sparkles in black and white. And the pictures of the kids. OK…I love all of them! Great job!

  2. So many great shots… great job capturing the essence of a fun day!

  3. LOVELy captures of the day at the beach

  4. I love the sunbathing photo. It’s a great shot, plus I can completely relate as a fellow freckled girl.

  5. I like the shot of her pouring the water on her sister’s back. Very cool!

  6. Cute! I think Beach shots always look so wonderful in b&w. I’m sure you and your children will treasure them.

  7. Great captures! Glad your friends convinced you to go to the lake and play!

  8. Great shots! Especially love the freckles and the bottoms up 🙂

  9. Great captures !

  10. great photos…I am in love with freckles too!

  11. Great shots! It looks like a fantastic day.

  12. GREAT shots! Looks fun.

  13. Posted by Mary at Musingsofthesixties on July 23, 2009 at 9:29 am

    These are all so good. Congrats on learning the benefits of taking many, many pictures. The one that I really love is the close up of the sunbather. I think it’s perfect in so many ways.

  14. These are great, the upsidedown goose made me lol 🙂

  15. oh my gosh. I LOVE your beach photos! (I’ve been loving any beach photos today simply because I’m stuck in an office with no windows and no hopes for a beach trip anytime soon.) The bottoms up picture is great too. 🙂 What kind of camera are you using, that’s causing the long delay? I was cursed with that problem with my old digital. I haven’t had the new camera long enough to notice any quirks.

  16. The shovel and pail are gorgeous! the beach makes for some great b & w shots!

  17. Love your beach shots too! Nice goose tush 😉
    And what a pretty photo of you, too!
    Great captures this week.

  18. You certainly got some gorgeous shots that day 😀 I might try playing with my very limited supply of beach shots in B&W – you have inspired me!

  19. I love these…the sunbathing was my favorite. 🙂

  20. I love the one of Smarty Pants sunbathing, and mostly because of the way her red lips stand out even in black and white!

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