What I Learned This Week

So this last week I’ve been trying to think of what I have learned.   (I think it’s really been 2 or 3 since I last participated in Jo-Lynne’s carnival).

  1. I can talk to my kids without my exasperated tone and make more progress than expected.
  2. I love having Traveler home so he can participate in the fun stuff we do as a family.
  3. I REALLY REALLY like my MacBook.
  4. Sweet Pea has let me know that she enjoys having just “us” time. (I wish I could do it more often.)
  5. The girls are not used to constantly going every day and get worn out very easily which can make for very interesting afternoons filled with lots of drama.
  6. This sweet tea is my new favorite “mommy drink”. Mixed with some lemonade? One word. Awesome.
  7. I love my friends (even though that’s not new, but I love them all the same and it bears repeating!)

So what did you learn this week?


One response to this post.

  1. And your friends love you!

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