WTB 2009

Last night was a blast.  The weather was not perfect; a huge front literally blew through for about an hour or so, and we all headed inside.  Luckily our friends have a decent-sized house and we all clamored in.  There were corn dogs and chips and dip and chili and cotton candy, Oh My!  There was also balloon bending, face painting, and carnival games, Oh My!  The girls played hard.  They didn’t really dress up other than to find some older, stained clothes to wear (play clothes), and I didn’t comb their hair yesterday either (on purpose, really, just so they’d look a little more trashy!).  So on top of the wind and the trampoline and the kiddie pool, they looked fantastic, let me tell you!

I was behind the camera most of the day.  I will share with you some of my favorite costumes and maybe even a picture of me with sparkly eyeliner on.  And if you know me, that is a shocker all in itself.

So here is a little recap of my favorites.

SANY4004Sweet Pea with the corn dog she pilfered from me.  She went on to eat another whole one by herself.

SANY3999Sass with her own personal balloon hat creation.

SANY4044And really the only thing that is honestly different about how I normally look from this picture is the sparkly eyeliner and the ponytail (it’s usually just up in a clip).  You can’t see the leopard print bra underneath my white shirt or the short shorts or the 3-inch heels that I wear once a year. (I may have to put it all back on just to get a full-length picture – for posterity.)

SANY3998Here is the little midway corner of the backyard.  The trailer in the background? Part of the normal backyard environment at our hosts’ house.

SANY4027Our hostess on the right.  The Bearded Lady.  The Lion Tamer.

SANY4025The word that is hard to read is “eye”. I’m not a beer drinker, but I can appreciate this shirt.

SANY4056The Host – barking out the winners’ name.

(They have prizes for best dude, best chick, best hair, best kid, and best car.)

SANY4006Our hostess sporting the Calvin Klein “tighty-whitey wife-beater” tank (made out of size 50s) while trying to keep the cotton candy on the stick in 35 mph winds.  Hence the laughter.


And I had to add this picture in.  Do you see the faux muffin top? She made it out of a leg of pantyhose stuffed with a rolled up towel. Genius!

White Trash Bash 2009 was declared a success.  Next year’s theme is a Luau.  I may have to start scouting out muumuu’s for the girls and myself!


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  1. This looks like so much fun! Love the faux muffin top!

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