You Capture – Emotion

Over the years I have captured many a picture of the girls’ different emotions.  Now, I usually don’t get a chance to get the really GOOD ones.  The mad face in kids can usually bring about giggles from this picture-taker, but as they have gotten older it’s less cute and they are also more likely to turn their back or cover their face if I break out the camera.  So I did my best this week.

SANY3022This is my mom’s cat, Spike.  We were kitten sitting over the weekend and he found the sunspot in the guest room.  I think this exudes contentment.


Last summer we bought a those terra cotta chimanea so we could roast marshmallows whenever we were feeling gung ho enough to build a little fire.  Since school got out the girls have been hounding me to get the supplies for smores.  Last Friday I finally did.  Smores were enjoyed by all Sunday evening.  This one of SmartyPants is right after she finished roasting her marshmallow WITHOUT burning it or having it fall off.  She was quite proud of herself.


Can you tell Sass was thoroughly pleased with getting to enjoy her smore?  I was so happy that her hair was actually pulled back, otherwise I would have been shampooing that sticky mess out of hair.


And here was Sass on her way into the tub.  Smokey fires and smores make a messy kid.  I love this picture. It is “kid”.  She got stuck halfway out and instead of helping her, what did I do?  “Hang on, let me grab my camera, honey!”  Do you see the look?  The one I’m sure to get more and more the older she gets.  Picture that face on a 15yo after I’ve told her “when I was your age, we didn’t have cell phones.” Although maybe there isn’t quite enough disbelief for that statement.  Maybe, “when I was your age we had to roll down our windows in the car by hand.”  (Although to be perfectly honest, I asked SmartyPants to “roll up” her window once, and she just looked at me and slowly asked, “what do you mean ROLL up my window?”


And this last one? Well, it pretty much describes T and I from the last week.  My funk mixed with his sweetness.  But it’s actually a decent picture of both of us, despite the moodiness I’m exuding.

Next week’s challenge is summer.

Check out what everyone else captured this week at:


19 responses to this post.

  1. love the perfectly roasted marshmallow!!

    my dog lies like that in the sun

  2. Great. Now I’m fixating on s’mores!
    Fabulous job this week!

  3. Great pictures … love the kitty!!!

  4. Great captures.

  5. These are great – I love the on-the-way-to-the-tub shot! I know that look…

  6. Lovely pictures! Oh, how I miss smores…I wonder if my boss will let me start a little fire in the yard outside of the office 🙂

  7. fun emotions! nice captures!

  8. What great emotions! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Smores sound good. I think I will be getting the fixings next time I go shopping! 🙂

  9. Great pics!

  10. Great pictures 🙂

  11. Great pictures!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! 🙂

  12. awe, great pictures!

  13. Popped in to say hi!

  14. great captures! Love the marshmallows and the cat sure does look content!

  15. Fantastic shots! I think my favorite is the kitty!

  16. Love the marshmellow one and the cat picture! Great captures!

  17. Great captures. I love the kitten all sprawled out and the pre-teen look from your little girl. 🙂

  18. LOVE the cat picture! My dog does the same thing!

  19. Aww! You captured some great expressions of emotion 🙂

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