New Member of the Family

I’ve been becoming more and more disgruntled with my desktop computer in the last few months.  Unfortunately I need IE for my job and the girls’ school program.  The only work with IE.  My disgruntled nature with windows and such had me drooling over a MacBook.  I have also wanted a laptop because I feel like I have been isolating myself in the school room/office and the girls seem to get on each other’s nerves sometimes more often if I’m not close enough.  Okay, some of you may say that I should get the hell off the computer and just spend some time with the kids…but really, I could spend all day with them and they would still think that I didn’t do enough.  (Sass is the worst!)  Also having a laptop would allow T and I to be in the same room and both be playing with computers.  Yes, I have become a little addicted to my internet.  (Hi, my name is Kirsten, and I’m an internet junkie.)

Every time we went by the mall with the Apple store, I’d go in and drool.  Now, I wasn’t wanted high-end.  I was looking at the basic white MacBook.  Nothing fancy.  Maybe some extra RAM, but I didn’t want all the bells and whistles.

On Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day.  I am going to be taking a trip to D.C. for a conference and I leave Friday and won’t be home until next Wednesday. We went out to breakfast, came home, and headed out for Reno.  T bought tickets to “Up” and he wanted to go wander around and get some lunch before going to the movie.  After lunch at In ‘N Out, we headed over to the movie theater by the mall with the Apple Store, but instead of turning towards the movie theater, he turns towards the Apple Store (this is an outdoor mall) and promptly kicks me out the door with a card in my hand to talk to a specific person inside.  After inquiring where I might find this person, they told me to take a seat at the Genius Bar.  A few minutes pass and out walks someone with a little white box with the 15-inch MacBook Pro inside.  I just kind of looked at the guy in surprise.

So I’ve been having fun learning the Mac ropes.  I think I have a long way to go, but I look forward to spending some time getting to know my new baby.

Have I mentioned that even when I’m being a total bitch that my husband is awesome.  I’ve been in a funk lately (mostly due to work issues of my job) and have probably been pretty intolerable, but what does T do? Goes out and buys me bigger and better than I wanted and surprises me with it.  Gotta love him.

And I ended up going to the movies to see “Up”.  And I liked it, but I’m not sure if it is my funk or the fact that Sweet Pea doesn’t like loud noises (and there were A LOT in ‘Up’) and was cowering in my lap half the time with her hands over her ears, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with love for the movie.  I think I will just need to rent it and see it on my own terms.

So if anyone has any wonderful pointers that I should be aware of getting to know my new baby, let me know.  I’m all for the unsolicited Mac advice.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Your hubby is awesome!

  2. But I already knew that… (I’m sure you did too!)

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