You Capture – Nature


OMG! I had so much fun with this weeks assignment.  Not because I planned or had anything particular in mind.  My first good chance at it mostly failed because my camera battery died after the first picture.  The best part was in checking out the various settings on my camera while I was in the “view” mode looking at pictures I had already taken.  I FOUND A NEW SETTING.  I’d have to go back and look at it to tell you what it was, but essentially it made my macro setting that much more fantastic and I have had trouble narrowing them down to my absolute favorites, so if this gets out of hand, I apologize, but I just never knew that my little Sanyo could produce pictures such as these.

The first one is of a hike I took the girls on on Monday.  I love where we live because the mountains are so close.  There is this waterfall a 5-minute hike, 10-minutes from our house.  This picture isn’t of the actual waterfall because I took those pictures with my Blackberry and they just didn’t do it justice.  This picture is about 2-1/2 minutes into the hike.

capture - nature water

Here are some my favorite pictures from yesterday after finding the new setting on my camera.

We have a ton of trees in our back yard and one of them (I do not have a green thumb, so I have no idea what kind of tree it is) had this little bit of new growth growing out of the side of the trunk.

capture - new branch

I continued to wander around our yard looking for colors and contrast and I found this.

capture - flower

These grow outside Sass’s and Sweet Pea’s bedroom window and I always forget they are there until spring and they bloom this fantastic orange.  I did not alter this picture at all and I love that you can see the texture of the pollen and also see it dusted on the inside of the petals.

We have lots of pine trees in our yard and even though I despise raking up all the needles that fall every year.   When the pine cones start growing in the spring it provides such a contrast to the dark cones that end up all over come fall.

capture - new pinecones

Here’s a lingering fallen elder from last year.

capture - pine cone

What did you capture this week?

(Next week’s challenge is “emotion”)


8 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome nature! Really really cool. I love the super close up too.

  2. These are all lovely but the flower is amazing!

  3. Those are really great! I love the third one!

  4. Ooh, those are fantastic!!

  5. Wow, these are gorgeous! Awesome job!

  6. You’re rocking that little Sanyo camera of yours!! Great job this week. The close up of the flower is AMAZING. I miss pine trees, too. Even with all those annoying needles and the terrible pollen in the spring!

  7. OMG – that flower pic is amazing. You should get an 8×10 printed on Shutterfly or Snapfish and frame it. If you buy a matted frame at Target, it’s about the cheapest artwork you can find for your walls!

  8. Posted by Christen K on June 17, 2009 at 10:49 am

    Lovin’ the close ups!

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