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When I saw the challenge from last week I immediately thought of two different ways to look at it – feel as in texture or feel as in feelings/moods.

I figured with the girls I have over time been able to capture lots of different “looks” from them.  Unfortunately I didn’t really get any good ones this week.  Other than this which I would say is “excited”.  She’s playing in one of those “School Bus” activity center things at our children’s museum.


I’ve saved the best for last.  One of my oldest friends (not age-wise, but we met in college almost 15 years ago – geez I’m getting old!) was in town last weekend.  (Hi Barb!!)  We had a pretty busy weekend all things considering.  Saturday night we ended up at some friends’ house for dinner.  They have the most beautiful view and we have been having thunderstorms every afternoon for the past week.  By the time we went over to their house the rain had stopped but the clouds were pretty incredible.  And then the sun set.  Mind you by this time I had finished my 2nd and a half margarita (couldn’t leave less than a glassful – it had to be finished) and was handed a glass of home-brewed mead.  (Traveler and his buddy make beer and tried their hand at mead.)  The mead was/is extremely potent and probably needs another few months before it has mellowed enough to properly enjoy.  Well after 2-1/2 margaritas it didn’t taste THAT bad, so as I was sipping it I look out and notice the wrought iron banister of their deck.  This picture encompasses my life from the beginning of February through this past weekend.

sunset heart glass

My heart is filled with love for so many wonderful visitors we’ve had to our home this year…and each and every one of them is important in my life.  Each visit was filled with alcohol (‘cuz I have three kids and deserve a little drunken humor every so often) and the wonderfulness of friendship and family surrounded by the beauty of my hometown.   And this past Saturday night solidified all this “feel” and how lucky I am to have these people in my life.  What more could a girl ask for?

(and I have to sneak one in that Barb took earlier Saturday evening because my camera didn’t capture it nearly as well as hers did.  There was a double rainbow…in Nevada.  I have only seen this happen one other time in my life.  Thanks Barb for letting me thieve it from you!)  Rainbows bring me joy!

nevada double rainbow may09


26 responses to this post.

  1. Love the double rainbow…great captures!

  2. That beer shot is beautiful!

  3. That second shot is amazing! And not just because I love beer!

  4. Love the second one…if I were a trained photographer I believe I’d say the composition is flawless! 🙂

  5. The second one is so wonderful and so special. Amazing captures this week!!

  6. Those are both wonderful shots! I love the angle of the first one, very cool.

    Double rainbows are gorgeous, your friend got a great shot.

  7. Beautiful sunset in that 2nd photo, and great ‘take’ on the theme of ‘feel’

  8. the last two shots are gorgeous

  9. love the double rainbow too, but the beer and sunset…looks (and feels) like PEACE and good times.

  10. I’ll add to the chorus of applaud for that second shot but I especially love the mood and joy it captured. Your words and sentiments had equal feeling. And I love the idea of having a “life” picture that characterizes how I’m feeling– generally– right now. Gonna start looking for mine. Thanks!

  11. Great shots! Now I want a beer!

  12. Great shots! Who doesn’t deserve drunken’ humor? I love your beer/heart shot.

  13. Those are great captures! Good job.

  14. Love the sunset one! Great Capture.

  15. Your daughter certainly does look excited. And I have to say that is the most gorgeous shot with beer in it I have ever seen!! 😉 I have never seen a double rainbow–beautiful!

  16. Great capture! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. 🙂

  17. Great shots. I loooove the one with the drink and the sunset. That one speaks volumes. Great shot.

  18. Tell T good job on the mead – looks nice and clear! Jerrod would be proud. Oh, and nice shot! 🙂

  19. The second shot turned out great! Decided against that first one you took with the giant claw hand? So glad this one looked as good on screen as it did on the camera.

    I had the *best* time out there, and even more special to have seen a double rainbow – glad everyone likes that shot.

  20. beautiful captures & sentiments … I think you captured it perfectly!

  21. Posted by girlsworld on June 4, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Yeah, I loved the colors in the claw hand – they were more blues and purples- but the claw just ruined it.

  22. LOOOOVE these! That glass heart shot is AWESOME! And we just had a double rainbow a few days ago, too!!

    Come on over and check out what I posted about, Feeling Old.

  23. Awesome photos, I love the feel of the second one. Wish I was there!

  24. I am not a drinker, but that is a beautiful picture. Great job!!! Cute kiddo, too!!! =)

  25. That ‘school bus activity centre thing’ looks fun! I love the last picture, really beautiful 🙂

  26. Love that sunset! And the double rainbow is awesome. I’ve only seen one of those in my life. It’s definitely a cool site to see! Nice job this week!

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