Weekly Check-In

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

(Does anyone else see boobs in those sunglasses? Or is it just my twisted mind? That is what I thought it was when I grabbed the button.)

So I totally missed last week’s check-in.  I have had company (happily) on and off throughout May.  It has been wonderful to get some good quality time with family and friends, but that combined with my motivation being nonexistent, I wasn’t in the mood to say as such last week.  To be honest, I was shredding on my run days but only because I wasn’t running and was feeling guilty for not exercising at all.   And even though I love what shredding has done for me, really, I think it made me a little exercise ADD.  After doing as many different exercises that you do in any given level of shredding, getting on the treadmill and going for 30+ minutes seems like an eternity.  I have always used running as a zen-like activity.  Just get into the groove and go.  I will admit my motivation is still in the crapper, but I did run Monday – sort of.  I ran 1.25 miles and had a side cramp, so I walked for another 0.25 miles and then ran another 0.5 miles and had to stop because it wasn’t something I could run through…but I ended completing 3.1 miles…and it felt good.  I am a little sore today from running Monday and my arms a little sore from shredding with 5-pound weights.  I’m looking forward to my run tomorrow.  I have the month of June to get my butt in gear and easily be able to run 3 miles and hit the 5-mile mark a couple of times before my REAL training starts in July.  That half-marathon is going to sneak up on me.  And the fact that I dropped a butt-load of cash to enter the damn race, I can’t even consider NOT doing it.

My eating habits have been okay.  Pretty much status quo there.  (Although, I will confess that I ate most of a sheath of Thin Mints tonight on my own.)

I was looking at my Nike+ log the other day and realized that this past month  (May) had least amount of running completed since last September, and I still ran just over 15 miles.  I am only 30 miles away from hitting the 500-mile mark since I started using the Nike+ system.  That is what is going to get me through the month of June.

My commitment for this month is to not only hit the 500-mile mark but to continue shredding and to keep up with my push-ups.  I am proud to say that shredding has brought me satisfaction in two areas.  One, I can actually touch my toes.  I haven’t been this flexible since I was about 7.  Two, I am up to 25 push-ups from my toes.  TWENTY-FIVE!!  (I’m a little impressed with myself, can you tell?)

I decided not to participate in this latest challenge of teams.  It is my understanding that the teams were going to compete for most lost (most percentage lost?) at the end of the challenge.  And, honestly, since I don’t really have any poundage to lose (remember I joined to help keep me motivated in my exercising and to be healthier) I didn’t want to hinder a team from winning a challenge.  I am really looking forward to seeing the teams in action though.  I think it is a great idea.

Have I mentioned how fantastic I think the Sisterhood is lately?  Because they have provided me so much motivation with all the diversity of challenges and overall just giving me things to think about in relationship to nutrition and being healthier overall.  As you can see from above, they have given me that.  I am forever grateful to this fantastic group of ladies (and man) who started up the Sisterhood and for the ever-growing group who makes up the group at large.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Awww… you rock!!

    TWENTY-FIVE pushups? ON YOUR TOES????? Are you kidding me?! That is amazing, you should be so proud!

    Your running will come back to you, I know it. Maybe this “break” is meant to be before you dive in this July!!

  2. you sound exactly like me – i ran only twice the past two weeks instead of my normal 3 times and i could really feel it on monday. had to stop and walk twice in my 3 miles- which is unheard of since i’ve been doing 4.2 miles outside w/o stopping

  3. Well, I’m just happy that my visit didn’t mess things up too much – for either of us. I think we did darn well with eating healthier (except, perhaps, for the margaritas!), including a lot of fruit.

    Holy crap! 25 pushups? I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do one in my life (I’m on my knees for the shredding pushups, and at that a bit wussy). I’m definitely proud of you!

  4. Are my toes those things that are at the end of my feet that I can see only when I put my feet up higher then my fat??? 😉

    Keep up the great work! You are amazing… I am jealous of the 25 push ups and also the almost 500 miles with the plus system! WAY TO ROCK IT MY SISTER!!!

    Keep up the awesome work and you will be able to accomplish ANYTHIGN!

  5. You go girl, 25 push-ups and on your toes to boot. I am impressed. I am up to 9 and lets just say I’m not on my toes. 🙂 Keep up the great work and thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Only 30 miles away from 500…that’s amazing!! You can so get that done! And way to go about the push-ups. I still dread those. 😉

  7. Way to go! You are totally motivating. 25 pushup on your toes, amazing!

    Keep up the great work.

  8. Twenty five push-ups on your toes is awesome! You rock! I can only do around 15!!

  9. You are so sweet and AWESOME!! I’m so impressed that you’re almost to the 500m mark! Way to go! And 25 pushups? WOW! I can almost do 10 on my toes, but then I die and fall on my face!

    Keep up the good work and thanks for being such a great Sister!!

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