So Lissa tagged me for this meme and since I’ve been quite lazy when it comes to blogging in the last week or so, I’ll oblige her and participate.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1.  Taking a solo trip to Washington D.C. at the end of the month.

2.  Seeing my cousin and her boyfriend during the same trip.

3. The kids being done with organized school until August.

4.  Going to see Much Ado About Nothing on the beach at Lake Tahoe this summer.

5.  Sweet Pea starting preschool in the fall.  (She’s going to have so much fun!)

6. Getting a MacBook and learning how to use it.

7.  Maybe getting a Nikon D60 to play with and learn how to use it.

8.  Traveler not having any planned trips for longer than a weekend for the foreseeable future.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1.  School with the kids.

2.  Worked my paying job.

3.  Took Sass and SmartyPants to gymnastics.

4.  Laundry.

5.  Made dinner.

6. Went to bed at a reasonable time.

7.  Surfed the bloggy world.

8.  Went to Target.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1.  Spend more time doing creative things.

2.  Take a vacation with all of my favorite people.

3.  Sleep in until 8 a.m. EVERY MORNING.

4.  Make the space surrounding me within earshot void of bickering.

5.  Win MegaBucks so Traveler wouldn’t HAVE to work.

6.  Keep my “puppy” happy and healthy until the end.

7.  Magically heal emotional wounds of those I care about.

8.  Live happily on 4 hours of sleep.

8 Shows I Watch:

1.  Gray’s Anatomy

2.  The Unit

3.  CSI: Miami

4.  America’s Funniest Home Videos

5.  Nova

6.  The American Experience (PBS)

7.  Letterman/Leno (although I guess it’s Conan now)

8.  Numbers

8 People Tagged: (okay it’s only gonna be 2)

1.  Tiffany

2. Barb


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