You Capture – Family


This week’s You Capture was family.  I had grand plans.  My cousin, Sarah, was going to be in town. We were going to do fun things…and then SmartyPants and Sass decided that fevers, sore throats, and feeling like dying was in the cards.  But I didn’t let that stop me. We were going to do fun things.  After all my cousin hadn’t been here since she was six and doesn’t remember much at all about that trip.

So Sass began the illness on Monday.  Since my cousin wasn’t coming into town until Tuesday night I figured I should get her to the doctor to find out if the sore throat was Strep.  Turns out it wasn’t, so no antibiotics.  So when SmartyPants started not feeling well on Wednesday I kept hoping that Sass would soon wake up and be all better, so I could know when to anticipate SmartyPants getting better.  They waited until Sunday afternoon, after we dropped Sarah off at the airport.  And now Sweet Pea has it.  Fun times, I tell you.

Anyway, on Wednesday I decided since the kids were sick we weren’t going to be taking any hikes but a trip around Lake Tahoe sounded like a good idea.  Not much movement on the kids’ part but Sarah would get to see a little scenery.  We stopped at one of the beaches in South Lake Tahoe for some picture taking and sand playing.  Sarah was looking at her camera and I’m sure will hate me for this picture…but they get better!


Then we headed around to the west side of the lake and stopped at Emerald Bay.  Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous.  Even when I left Nevada to go to college and I couldn’t wait to GET.OUT.OF.TOWN, I missed Tahoe.  Comparing Elephant Butte, New Mexico to Lake Tahoe is blasphemous.

emerald bay and the girls

emerald bay

Okay, and I have to throw in a little picture of Emerald Bay all by its lonesome, even thought it is NOT part of my family.

Thursday we were happily ditched by Sarah to spend the long drive over the mountains to spend the day in San Fransisco.  My parents drove and they met up with one of my uncles for lunch.  (Okay, I’m cheating here.  I just said I didn’t go to San Fransisco, but here I post a picture which I didn’t take, but I’m journaling here, and it’s my blog, so I can!)

MomDadSarahDave may09

On Friday, once again, I had sick children, but they wanted to take Sarah up to Virginia City.  It is such a little touristy town, but so quaint and small and quirky.  With SmartyPants sounding like she was going to cough up a lung, I thought maybe an ice cream cone would make everyone feel better.


The girls had strawberry and Sarah and I enjoyed cookies and cream.  Delicious.  (Know how I know that SmartyPants wasn’t feeling well? She only ate half of her ice cream. Poor thing!)

I never did get a picture of just Sarah and I.  Mmm.  Will have to remember to get that done when I see her next…which better be before another year goes by.  I miss her too much!

So what did you capture this week?


14 responses to this post.

  1. Hope Smarty Pants is feeling better…great captures!

  2. Hope everyone feels better soon! I hate it when my kids are sick. Such sweet captures!!! I love the ice cream one =)

  3. such lovely photos – I love that view!

  4. Looks like you had a grand time despite the sickness!

  5. That looks like just a beautiful place to visit! And the last picture is too cute!

  6. Love these! The scenery is amazing, kids are adorable, and cousin is gorgeous!! I must see Lake Tahoe before I die.

    Hope everyone is healthy soon!!!!

  7. Lovely captures.

  8. Poor girls. Hope for your sake and theirs, everyone is better soon (and you stay well yourself))!

  9. Love the photos! Great job!

  10. Posted by Nique' on May 28, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Hoping your little ones are feeling better but the pictures couldn’t be prettier! Great job!

  11. Wonderful shots. Everything looks so lovely.

  12. lake tahoe looks amazing, I must go see it. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your great captures. 😀

  13. ummm…ice cream….

  14. What a fun visit and a great post! And now I want to go to Tahoe ASAP. 🙂

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