I rarely complain about my job but…

today’s the day.  Now I guess you could say that I’ve complained about my job before, but really I’ve only ever vented about the big corporation that I used to work for and how they didn’t seem to give a damn about those of us in the trenches actually, you know, DOING the work.  So about a year and a half ago I got fed up, applied for an independent contractor position that amassed to about 2 hours of work a day.  This was perfect.  I loved the feel of this company.   I had an awesome new supervisor.  I was only working there for about a month and a half when Christmas time came and I received a personal Christmas card in the mail from her.  She sent me a birthday card and little thank-you’s when she would look for volunteers to take on additional work and I would volunteer.  This is a small company, and I loved the stark contrast between the big corporation experience I had and this new, kinder, gentler way of doing business.  I always tried to be a team player and take what additional work I new I could handle that evening.

Fast forward to this past January, my awesome supervisor up and quit.  I thought it was odd timing because the only supervisor was starting his paternity leave for a week.   Shortly there after she sent an email to all of those who were blindsided by her departure.  Essentially she said that the owner was very heavy-handed and didn’t like constructive criticism coming back at her.  Things got pretty ugly, but in my gut I knew that my former supervisor was telling the truth.

Because I’m an independent contractor I can work as little as I want or as much as I want as long as the work is available and I give appropriate notice.  So with my scrapbooking marathon mid month and my cousin coming into town the last week, I didn’t want to have stress myself out about squeezing work in, so I took that time off.  I also knew that the doctor I do dictation for was on vacation during that time, so I felt less guilty about taking off that amount of time.

When Tuesday hit, I was expecting some work and only got 10 minutes worth of dictation.  Talk about easing me back into working!  That’s about a half hour of work for me.  So yesterday I am expecting more work because, well the doc is back.  Yeah, not so much.  A whopping 12 minutes.   I am not a squeaky wheel.  Never have been.  I despise rocking the boat.  But right now we are trying to be good and get rid of the credit card debt, so my check is kind of important in that regard.  $50-$75 a week is going to make that process VERY slow.  Last night I sat down and wrote an email to the owner expressing my concerns, emphasizing the lack of communication.  I was told because I reduced my work load they had to hire someone else to help fill that void.  (This was after an email in March saying how things were going to be tight because they lost a couple of big accounts, but don’t worry because they weren’t going to hire anyone new, but everyone’s job was safe,  so I figure that the extra minutes I wasn’t going to be doing would be helping someone else.)  She emailed me back and I responded in kind today.  I come to find out that because I am an independent contractor they don’t have to tell me squat because I’m not an employee and staffing issues is not my problem. EVEN THOUGH I WORK FOR THEM.

This just annoys the shit out of me.  I am very loyal.  I spent 8 years working for BIG company and things had to get really bad before I was willing to quit because they gave me my first job and for the most part really worked with me.  So to be told today that my loyalty doesn’t matter because I’m not an employee.  Well, it really stings.  So at this point I’ve sent out a resume for another IC position.  Not sure if/when I’ll hear back, but I’ve been in this field for almost 10 years now.  That should count for something.

I’m disappointed in the fact that what I thought was a great company was really just a crappy company being held together by a great supervisor whose willingness to work hard was being taken advantage of.   I’m hoping there is other opportunity out there for me that will work with my schedule and my life.  I’d hate to have to sit here and take the abuse.  Maybe one day I will really quit.


3 responses to this post.

  1. that does suck. I’m really sorry. It’s like they want your loyalty and want you to be present when they need you, but don’t want to treat you well or with any respect at all. I hope it works out for you.

  2. Aw, that sucks!! Sounds like a total bitch. I can send you a few links if ya want to check into other companies! :o)

  3. Go ahead, quit! You know you want to… 🙂

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