My Golden Floor

After last week’s You Capture there were many comments about my golden kitchen floor.  I have to clarify.  I only chose to have a golden kitchen in floor in the sense that when we bought our house it had a golden kitchen floor.   Here is a before picture on the day we moved in.

kitchen before

You can’t really appreciate the golden nature of the floor from this angle, but I will refer you back to my previous picture in last week’s post. Notice the 2-tone cabinets, yellow tile countertop and backsplash and ancient oven/microwave combo.

In order to give you a better understanding of the creative decorating we bought into, I will show a few other pictures from what can be referred to as  “the wallpaper days”.  (And no matter how many cool wallpaper patterns and things that can be done, after having to rip down 6 rooms’ worth of wallpaper, I will never wallpaper a room.  EVER!)

blue flocked wallpaperThis wallpaper is flocked…I never really understood what that word meant until I saw it in all of its blue glory.  (The carpet? it still exists.  There is about 2000 sq. ft of it in the house.)

golden wallpaperThis was the wallpaper in Sweet Pea’s room.  It is shiny and striped and golden.  It would have matched perfectly with the golden floor.  I had promised Sass and SmartyPants that I would pull their wallpaper down and paint their room first, until Sweet Pea started waking up before 6 am.  The sun literally would light up her room with an awesome golden glow way before it was time for me to get up.

Now this last picture… is awesome all in its own right.

lavender toiletYes, that is a lavender toilet (with a rose colored seat) and lavender bathtub and a horseshoe shape of more golden floor – just like the kitchen.

Here is a partial view of the minor changes I have made to the kitchen’s atmosphere.

DECEMBER 2007 042

I painted the cabinets white and changed out all the hinges and handles to something less…gold and leafy.  I also posted way back when in the second week of You Capture a picture of my new bathroom floor and toilet.  As you can see the carpet is no longer there and the lavender toilet is long gone.  There was a happy dance done.

Would I like to be rid of my golden floor? Yes.  And if anyone is willing to fork over about $10,000 so I can do a little kitchen make-over and make it bigger and prettier with new cabinets and more counter space, I would be extremely appreciative.  Leave a comment and we can work out the details of that money transfer!


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  1. is that a speed ball fleck number 601? I think my grandma had a bowling ball that color! Rock on sistah! Where are your heels?

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