You Capture – Color


I absolutely loved this week’s challenge from Beth.  Color was the theme.  It is definitely spring here and I couldn’t wait to get out and take its picture.

This first picture I couldn’t wait to take.  I have been seeing lilacs EVERYWHERE.  So many different purples just exploding around town amidst all the new green leaves.

capture - color tall lilacs

Then, of course, I had to capture the new leaves.  These were taken in my front yard.

capture - color leaves

capture - color

We went to the park on gorgeous afternoon and this little guy was hanging around.

capture - color robin

And finally.  These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  They were Sass’s way back when, and happily Sweet Pea has fallen in love with them too.  She has a pink pair, but when we are out playing, she has to pick her flame shoes, because they help her run fast.  Doncha know?

capture - color-1

capture - color converse

So what did you capture this week?


24 responses to this post.

  1. Great job. I really love lilacs.

  2. My little girl has the same shoes. 🙂

  3. OMG- those flame shoes are AWESOME. I think I need me a pair. I love the scent of lilac.

  4. Great pics! I love the blue, blue sky.

  5. I love lilacs, and I really love how you framed them against the blue sky.

  6. I love the bight lilac contrasted against the bright blue sky. 🙂 Those shoes totally rock. Great colors!

  7. Awesome shoes! Especially with pink socks. HAHA

    All are great color shots!

  8. mauhahaha, I love the shoes!!! Too cute!

  9. I love the lilacs, but I especially love the pictures of the new leaves. I was trying to get the same thing. You captured them wonderfully!

  10. Wonderful shots! Nature is God’s way of Coloring our World! Shoes are awesome too!

  11. Love the shoes! Great shots!

  12. Cool shoes! My little guy picks his shoes by fastness as well. Nice pictures.

  13. I remember the flame shoes! Glad they’re finding a second life.

  14. Those shoes totally rock! And the flowers and trees are pretty too… : )


  16. OMG, LOVE those shoes!! And lilacs!

  17. Love the shoes!!

  18. All of these are so good. I love the lilacs! They are my favorite.

  19. Those are some awesome shoes!

  20. I love the purple flowers!


  21. I LOVE lilacs! Great shots!

  22. The lilacs are amazing! Love the perspective and the purple against the blue sky!!

    Those shoes ROCK. Wish I had a pair for my little munchkin 🙂

  23. i love that second shot with the light shining through the trees. all of them are good captures, but that one is my favorite :O). great post.

    my color post is up now if you want to check it out. leave me a note to let me know you were there 🙂

  24. […] really appreciate the golden nature of the floor from this angle, but I will refer you back to my previous picture in last week’s post. Notice the 2-tone cabinets, yellow tile countertop and backsplash and […]

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