Scatterbrained Learning

So, it’s that time of week where Jo-Lynne asks what we learned this week.  I’ve been thinking about the past week, and I’m having a hard time coming up with something.  This last week feels like a blur, but I’ll give it a shot.

  1. Mother’s Day shouldn’t be about one day a year.  It should be about celebrating the fact that we have these lovely children.  Saturday morning I awoke to Sass bringing me a TV tray to the bedside and telling me that she was going to make me breakfast.  Okay, for one, I was exhausted and didn’t want to open my eyes.  Two, I’m a simpleton when it comes to breakfast.  I like my bowel of cereal and a cup of coffee.  Bacon, eggs, pancakes? I’d rather have them for dinner.  So in order to not insult Sass by not eating whatever she was going to bring me, I asked her what she had in mind.  Her reply? “A bowl of Mini-Wheats and a cup of coffee.”  So the child does know me after all!  This was quite sweet and after she brought it all in, I was still in bed half-asleep but ate and fell back to sleep with Sass and Sweet Pea watching cartoons in bed with me.  Then on Sunday, no mention of Mother’s Day at all from the munchkins, other than the card Traveler bought for them to sign for me.  But as the day wore on, we ended up heading over to the high school track and spending some family time exercising.  (Don’t ask about my run. It sucked and I realized that after 450+ miles on my shoes, I need new ones. I’m a genius I tell ya!)  The girls really wanted to take me out for dinner, but we are trying to get out of the habit of eating out.  Did you hear? It’s really expensive to feed 5 people while dining out.  So we ate at “Chez Daddy” on our front porch.  We had Mexican food, so T and I served the girls chips and refried beans with orange juice smoothies (not a great combo, but a treat nonetheless) and then had carnitas.  T and I enjoyed margaritas ourselves.  It was a lot of fun, so much so they wanted to do it again last night.
  2. Don’t preface a special day with, it’s *fill in special occasion here*, so be extra sweet to *whomever you are celebrating*.  It’s sorta like don’t count your chickens before they hatch.  It always turns into a nightmare.  Not mentioning it made for a better day.  I guess it could also be called “lowering the bar”, but it sure does make for a better day.
  3. Saturday night Traveler and I went out to dinner to celebrate belatedly our anniversary and his birthday.  We went out for fondue.  It was pretty good.  I might be spoiled when it comes to beef, but their filet mignon was pretty tough.  I mentioned it to our waiter, but he didn’t really seem to care.  I need to get online and complete their survey and let them know that for the price we paid, the food should be fantastic.
  4. I also have learned that if you post pictures of your gold kitchen floor, you get many varied comment about it.  I have been thinking of showing before and after pictures of my kitchen/house so people can see what we, literally, bought into with this place.  The gold floor? Not my idea, and if I had an excess of money laying around, I would definitely be remodeling my kitchen.

So what did you learn this week?


5 responses to this post.

  1. How sweet about your daughter! I’ve always thought breakfast in bed would be so much fun.

    And I love fondue, but nothing is more disappointing than tough meat. BLECH.

  2. A special day…hmm. We celebreate mothers day like any other day…with gifts though! And the gold floor? glad it is not mine!

  3. I’ve never been to a fondue restaurant though I have often wanted to go. It definitely would be disappointing to get tough meat.

  4. I agree we should celebrate our kids, but you already know that, cause you read my post about it. We’re totally on the same page. And we also ate at home that night and had pretty simple food, but when we were done eating, we were full, and really isn’t that what it’s all about? Eating that is, the enjoying each other can happen anywhere!

  5. Yes, I think before and after pics would be enlightening to those who haven’t seen your house. 🙂 I think it’s come a long way… but I would definitely be tired of gold floors by now! 🙂

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