You Capture – Joy

In last week’s post I said that I was looking forward to the “joy” challenge because I was going to take pictures of my girls at the airport picking up their great-grandmother – Granny.  I was being proactive and pulled my camera out of my purse to charge the battery because it was almost dead.   About 10 minutes after we left the house to go the airport, I realized that I never put mky camera back in my purse.  So, long story short, I didn’t get airport pictures.  The good news is that I did get a good picture of all three girls with Granny and a couple other good ones.   So without further ado, my contribution to Beth’s “Joy” challenge.


Sunday the two older girls were gone and Sweet Pea and I had some silly time together.  She was blowing bubbles and having a great time, giggling the whole time.  I love her giggle.


On Tuesday Sweet Pea had an ophthalmologist appointment, so we stopped at McDonald’s for a happy meal on the way up to Reno.  Instead of a toy it had a Kidz Bop CD in it (which is really annoying after the first time through).  She ended up punching out the microphone from the happy meal box, put the box on her head, and was rocking out to herself singing the ABC’s.  I got this picture by holding my camera backwards and pushing the button – while driving.  Don’t tell, okay?


This is Lake Tahoe.  I love the beauty here.  The lake is amazing and I feel so lucky to be living so close to it again.  It brings me joy.


So, what did You Capture this week?


16 responses to this post.

  1. great captures!!!

  2. I’ve done those driving pics sometimes, too!!


  3. Those a great pics. Lots of joy. My hubby hates when I do the driving pics. 🙂

  4. That is something I would do- plan ahead and then forget! I love the picture of the girls with grandma. Very sweet.

  5. Love the Granny photo!!! We called our Grandmother, Granny also. Love it!

  6. I absolutely see the JOY in grandmas face

  7. Darling photos of girls with Granny. Too cute and happy.
    Love the Happy Meal box on the head – she’ll hate you when she’s 16, and you show this at her birthday party!

  8. Great shots!!

  9. I love the wrinkled up nose…too cute! Being at lake Tahoe would bring me joy too. 🙂

  10. That first picture makes me so happy!


  11. great job!

  12. Love the photos!! Your girls are so cute!

    And Lake Tahoe -BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  13. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog!! So special to capture the different generations together!!

  14. I LOVE your pictures of joy. You can see it on all the faces and all around you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by mine and leaving me a wonderful comment.

  15. That first picture is so special! Your girls look so happy to be with their Granny.

    I won’t yell at you for taking the picture while driving, because I do it all the time. HA!! A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!

    Lake Tahoe is breathtaking! My husband and I spent alot of time there on a trip we took to Reno way before we had kids! I got some amazing shots of it and I love to look at them still! Maybe one day we’ll make it back up there!!

    Great captures this week!

  16. Great captures! I agree totally with you on the Kid Bopz CD. And at least you didn’t turn around to take the pic. 😉

    Beautiful pic of Lake Tahoe!

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