What I learned

In the last week I have learned a couple of things.

1. This is not a new learning, but I love when my Granny comes to town.  She is my dad’s mom, almost 88 years young, and she is fantastic with my girls.  They love her pieces.  My youngest is named after her.  She is so special to me, and I’m thankful that she made the trip from Pennsylvania for Smarty Pant’s first communion this weekend.

2.  Sometimes I have to be mean mom and threaten to throw my kids’ toys and stuff in the trash to motivate them to clean with me.  Because of said first communion happening this weekend, we have family coming into town and my uncle and his SO are probably going to stay at our house.  My house is not the neatest and our “guest room” (I use the term loosely!) is rarely used and usually needs a good dusting, mopping, and reorganizing before it is liveable space.  With Traveler being gone until late Saturday night, I needed all the help I could get and I wasn’t getting any.  So I broke out the things are going to be mine or go into the trash if you don’t get up and start moving.  Somethings had to actually make it in the trash before they took me seriously, but my house is significantly cleaner than it was yesterday at this time.

3.  It is hard to know when your aging animal is having an acute problem or is just part of the chronic health issues that are normal.  Our sweet chocolate lab has been a little odd lately.  Last fall she was diagnosed with a nerve cancer, but the vet felt she had removed all of the cancer with surgery and reassured me that it is the one type of cancer that doesn’t metastasize.  I’m probably being pessimistic, but she has been more acutely touch sensitive lately and not eating as well.  I’m hoping this is just another down to be followed by an up.  But we have spent literally thousands of dollars on this dog over the course of her life.  (Okay, that doesn’t sound like much.  We have probably spent close to $2000 on her in the last 2-1/2 years.  She was a greater starter kid.  She cost us more in her first year of life than our first daughter did.)

4.  I’m thankful for every day my kids are around.  Even when they drive me crazy, like they did last night.

So, why don’t you hop on over to Jo-Lynne’s Musings and see what others have learned and maybe even join!!


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  1. Posted by Hillcrest Cottage on April 28, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    Hard to ‘keep perspective’ when the kids drive you crazy. But the days fly by…so seize the moment.

  2. Yes, I couldn’t agree with #4 more. We’re blessed – plain and simple. Good luck with your houseguests! And enjoy that special time with your Grandma. 🙂

  3. good luck with your dog, it’s a bit of a worry when you’re not sure what’s going on with ’em.

  4. So did you leave the things in the trash or let them have them back?! I have been finding myself doing the same thing with Kane for not turning in his assignments. I said if he got any more 0s I was going to sell his AirSoft gone. Well, I checked today and he not only had one, he had TWO!!

  5. I use the same threat with my children,too. Although now that we’re having a yard sale in a few weeks I through the toys in the yard sale pile instead of the trash. My house is getting decluttered and hopefully I’ll make some money off of it.
    Have a great time with your guests.

  6. Oh, how I wish my grandma was still here. She never met my youngest daughter, and she is just like her, I know they would love each other:)
    Good luck with the house and guests this weekend:)

  7. Poor, Gracie! I hope she’s okay. We love and miss her terribly!

  8. The last one was my FAV…but along the way I loved them all. It is important to remember that we do love them and we do even when we want to scream!

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