You Capture – Letters


I had grand ideas for this challenge.  I live in Nevada.  We have lots of casinos.  Some of them are old and fun.  Did I get this done?  No.  Every time I thought about it, it was too late, Sweet Pea was sleeping, the older two were doing school work, or I was “planning” on finishing my project.

So tonight I snapped some pictures that mostly describe something about me.   The first one.  Well, this is a man I need in my life…every morning he’s there for me.


HA! I bet I had a couple of you regulars thinking, “but wait her husband travels.  Who is she talking about?”

The next picture is of magic…at least for me it has been.


I’ve been taking this stuff since February, and I can lay flat on my back, I can hang my head upside down to put my wet hair in a towel, I can lay in bed with my girls and read them stories – all without the room feeling like it was going to spin.  I tell you, magic pills.

And since I have shown you my “other man” and my “happy pills”, I have to introduce you to my husband’s “man”.


He swears by this being the best rum for a rum and Coke.   Now since I, for one – don’t like rum, and two – am a Coca-Cola purist (no flavors allowed), I can’t personally vouch for this stuff, but Traveler has made many a convert.

My last picture has always piqued my curiosity.


This is carved into one of the bricks on our front porch.  For one, this house isn’t that old.  It was built in 1964.  Second, we bought it from the original owners who had the place built and their last name was Smith.  I’m assuming it was in memory of someone.

Okay, I lied, I have one more.  This is a picture of something I try to do every day.  Some days it is harder than others.


So next week’s challenge is “Joy”.  I have three girls and my Granny (my dad’s mom) coming into town this weekend.  I’m thinking I will be able to find joy somewhere in there.  Can’t wait!

Pop on over to Beth’s and see what other’s have captured this week.


17 responses to this post.

  1. Great shots, especially love the brick picture. There MUST be a story behind that one.

  2. Great variety of letters.

    That brick is very intriguing!

  3. Really cool shots. The Berryman brick is very interesting…

  4. I like the brick! That is very intriguing.

  5. Oh, I love all your finds. I want to look for that rum and that carving on your steps is just crazy cool. What a mystery to solve there! Great shots this week!

  6. Posted by Mary at Musingsofthesixties on April 23, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Cute picture AND explanations. I agree the brick is very intriguing. And, I think I’ll look into that ear medicine. So your pictures were very informative too.

  7. Oh yes … Mr. Coffee (well, Mr. Krups, in my case) is my BFF in the morning. Couldn’t live without him!

    Your post made me laugh … I needed that today, so thank you. 🙂

  8. Great post! Think – why does it hurt my brain so much. Mmmm rum & coke – oh wait too early for that.

  9. the brick is neat…and it would send me THINKING too, like what was life like then…very cool.

    I am kinda excited about your “joy” ones next week.

  10. I love your captures…very creative. I need to get some of that stuff for the ears, I’ve had ringing in them for months now.

  11. someone is a funny girl!! hee hee

  12. OK, forget the rest of your post. you have to tell me about these happy pills that let you hang your upside down without getting dizzy. do you get vertigo? because i get it so bad that i take a prescription med everyday to keep it from getting so bad. do you think these pills would help with something like that?

    and, oh yeah, i enjoyed your post, too :O), especially the THINK sign :O).

    i have my you capture post up now, so come on by The Shadow of the Cross and check it out. i’d love to have you visit :O). (You can leave me a reply about your happy pills there, if you’d be so kind :O) )

  13. Wow, yeah, that Berryman photo has piqued my interest, too!!! That’s kinda cool, though, to have some history in your home. Great photos!

  14. Cool view of where to find letters!! I love looking at everyone’s choices!Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  15. Great captures! I especially like the Mr Coffee one, I can relate to that!

  16. Great job! I, too, have happy pills! 🙂

  17. Yeah, I feel like having Sailor Jerry over to my house tonight! It’s been one of those weeks….

    Love all of your captures! I can see why your are so intrigued by the brick with the inscription. Very interesting!!

    Good job this week!

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