Weekly Check-In with the Sisters

I Shred with the Sisterhood!

This last week has brought me into level 2 of shredding and making myself be accountable to running the 3 miles 3 days a week.  I started level 2 of shredding Saturday.  It was good timing.  I didn’t have to run on top of it until day 3.  And then I actually got up at 6:30 AM in order to shred because I knew there was no way I could get it down immediately before or immediately after running.  I would have wimped out on something.  That level 2 is a killer, but not in the way level 1 was for me.  Level 1 left me aching, sore muscles the first three days.  Level 2 has just exhausted me.  I honestly feel just as tired, if not more so, than after running my 3 miles.  I’m breathing hard, I’m sweating.  I can’t manage the plank-jacks or the other plank jump move thing more than a couple of times at the “normal” level.  On these, Anita is my friend.  My eating hasn’t been great, but I’ve been trying to make myself eat better, because it really does make for better fuel for the workouts.

I haven’t been doing the WiiFit consistently since I started level 2.  It’s just too much for me…and I don’t want to burn myself out.  I do feel significantly stronger in my legs, especially when I run.  I can feel the potential power increase.  It truly is mind over matter.

I was supposed to get up early this morning and shred.  A night filled with obnoxious cats and 1230 and 3 AM potty breaks with the 3yo, I didn’t not get up to shred.  So, since my day is crazy ahead, Im trying to decide if I should run or shred.  I’m kind of thinking shred.  I’m ahead of schedule for my April mileage goal, but I don’t want to procrastinate on the 30-days straight.  I might just give up.

So, how did you do?


7 responses to this post.

  1. i’m impressed with your running mileage!! 🙂 i’m slowly building toward a 5K.

  2. My vote is to shred!

    I’m impressed though- you are RUNNING and SHREDDING! WOWSERS.

  3. You are ROCKIN’!!! I would never ever be able to handle both!! I am barely shredding somedays 😉 I am to start level 2 today but have yoga class tonight so it will depend on which routine we do in class as to if I have the strength/energy to shred after.

    KEEP IT UP!!!

  4. SHRED! That is all. ;o)

    I am always amazed at how much you run! Great job!

  5. I completely agree that Level 2 of the Shred doesn’t make me so sore I can’t move, but I so much more exhausted and sweaty when I’m done. I cannot stand those plank moves. Any of them. I almost can’t wait to start Level 3 just to get past them, but with my luck, Level 3 will be completely done in plank position!

    Keep up the good work with your running and Shredding! You’re doing an amazing job!

  6. I say you did great! I lost two pounds this week. Thanks for your sweet post on my You Capture. Is your hubby away for work?

  7. Shredding is tough, but you can do it!! Keep up the good work!!

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