What happens to me when I have too much free time

So, last week was spring break.  I had plans, big plans.  Our school room had old wood paneling on one of the walls.  My plan was to get the paneling down, and then primer and paint the wall to include the rest of the room.  (This was the only room we didn’t paint when we first moved in.)  So with no extracurricular activities for the girls, no school work to be done, I figured it would be pretty easy to get it done in a couple of days, especially since I had three willing helpers (who actually know how to help paint).  So when did I finish getting everything back to a relatively organized state?  Sunday evening.  I should know this about myself by now.  If I am in a time crunch, I work much more efficiently than if I have hours (or days) in which to accomplish something.  I need a deadline, but it can’t be arbitrarily set.  It has to be because I have something else to accomplish.  I have always said that I’m not sure what I would do if my kids were in school all day.  Would the house be any cleaner?  Would laundry be done any more efficiently?  No, I would fill some of the time with mindless, time sucks and then look around at the end of the day and wonder what I did.  Well, to be honest, I do that now, but that’s because my mind is usually working in a handful of different directions at any given time.

So that is what I learned this week.  Pop over to Jo-Lynne’s and find out what others have learned this week.


6 responses to this post.

  1. I need deadlines too – like now when I am supposed to be grading papers and have class tonight. Am I doing it? No. Better go do that.

    Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on your accomplishments! I work way better under pressure too!

  3. Deadlines? Is that what I need? C’mon, it only took me 3 years to finish painting my bonus room…

  4. Good for you for realizing that deadlines help you get things finished.

  5. Well congrats on getting the work done at least. And just so you know, you’re talking to the queen of time sucks. 🙂

  6. Um, no you would definitely NOT get anything else done if you had extra time in your days. I only work 3 days a week, and I can’t remember how I found time to do anything when I worked 5 days a week. I have no idea where the time goes…

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