Everyone needs a smile

**Update.  It just occurred to me that maybe this post sounds insensitive to the families mentioned below.  I hope no one took it that way.  I didn’t mean to say this happy little video would make the sadness and grief go away for those who knew Maddie and Thalon.  I am one of those people that loves when someone can take my mind of my grief and make me laugh during the most difficult of times.  I am also someone who tries to empathize.  It is obvious from the outpouring of support and love directed to these families that many others can also envision these tragedies happening in their own family.  It is for THOSE individuals that I intended this post for.  So, once again, I apologize if anyone deemed my comments inappropriate or insensitive.  That was not my intent.

I found this video over here. If you enjoy a little spontaneous choreography mixed the Sound of Music, this will definitely brighten your day.  With all the sadness out there on the internets in the last week, (which I have no words to describe the ache in my heart for these families and hence I haven’t posted about it).  I think a smile is a good thing.


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