I even impress myself sometimes

After getting off the treadmill it has been my routine to immediately sync my iPod and download my runs to the Nike+ website.  I love watching the graph show up on the screen and my miles increase.  That in and of itself is a motivator for me.  This week, however, I was racing against the clock.  I would run, then immediately to WiiFit, and then take a shower and head out for whatever needed to be done that afternoon before dinner.  Today I got on the treadmill before Sweet Pea went down for her nap.  This afternoon was not going to be conducive to exercise otherwise.  After I sync’d my runs I was looking at my mileage.  As of today I have cumulatively sync’d 430 miles, which looks pretty impressive, but I wanted to know how many miles I have run since January.  A little addition, in 4-1/2 months I have completed 125 miles.  (I’d say run or jog or something, but I didn’t run all of those miles.)   There isn’t a function that allows me to consolidate runs by the year, so adding up all of my runs in 2008 I came up with a total of 164 miles.  So essentially by the end of May I will have sync’d more miles than I had the whole previous year.  Wow.  I’m trying not to burn myself out, but seeing those numbers are very energizing.  By the end of this year it is not unreasonable to say that I could have run over 300 miles, especially since I haven’t actually started an official training program for the half-marathon and my miles will increase throughout that 12-week time frame.


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  1. You are rockin’ it, girl. Way to go. I just got started again with the whole shreddin’ with the ‘hood thing. It’s helping get me moving, so that’s good. I’m looking forward to running and walking more, too.
    I like how you are tracking it all- does it make charts and stuff for you? That would be cool. I like the visual aids for reinforcement.

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