You Capture – Spring


So here we are in week 6 of Beth’s challenges to the internets.  I was excited this week because I was headed for southwest Utah to Zion National Park, and I fully expected to find lots of spring.  I wasn’t disappointed.  My hope was to find some new growth and see if I could get my macro setting on my camera to work for me.  I think I succeeded.  Go check out what others captured this week.   Everyone seems to be stretching their creative juices and getting better with each challenge…at least I am.  I had trouble picking just a couple, so bear with me.


Many new green leaves, so little time.


Ah! Look!  Purple leaves!!


Loved the red mountains, blue sky, and new green growth!


Again, colorful rocks, colorful leaves.


And just for some change, some new yellow flowers popping out of red dirt.



3 responses to this post.

  1. the mountains are beautiful – and such a blue sky!! It’s still so dreary around here

  2. I love the pic of the green tree against the red mountain. Very cool. Glad you had fun and enjoyed the scenery. I’ve got to get out to Zion’s sometime in my life!

  3. Beautiful. Jealous.

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