Newest Challenge from The Sisterhood

I didn’t do my Monday Confessions over at the Sisterhood, but I should have.  I think I was avoiding it.  I’ve had a bad week.  Friday I the monthly friend came in full force and I only ended up walking on the treadmill instead of running and then didn’t even do Wii.  Then on Saturday I had a very boring training session that I had to attend (but had already taken twice before).  I wasn’t hungry, but they had snacks.  The fruit was yummy, but they had cheese danishes.  They weren’t big, and so I ate one despite feeling full.  That evening we went to a birthday party where I ate cake and ice cream (and it didn’t even taste that great).  Then Sunday morning before Traveler left for the week, we went out to breakfast.  I ate a delicious breakfast burrito and fried potatoes.  Quite yummy.   I didn’t get my workout in Monday because a friend called to invite the girls over for an impromptu birthday party.  I didn’t have any cake this time, but I was snacking a lot because I have been quite tired this week but haven’t been able to afford myself a nap.

So today, I’m getting back up on that horse.  The treadmill and I will be friends, even if I have to force myself to like it, and I’m doing Wii too.  I know this next week will not be the best in the way of eating.  We are taking a trip with Traveler to Utah and will be staying at a hotel and eating out most of the meals.  The good part is that the girls and I are going to spend some time at Zion National Park, so I’m packing the walking shoes and we are going to exercise.  I’m not sure what T’s conference schedule is and whether or not I will be able to sneak down to the fitness center at the hotel or not, but if I get the chance, I’m gonna do it.

So, I’m accepting this latest challenge.  (Notice the new shiny yellow button on the side.)  I will mentally get back up on my horse and hang on tight.  T keeps telling me I need to buy a bikini.  I have never owned one and could probably pull it off, but my confidence isn’t there.   Maybe these next 8 weeks will help me with that.


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  1. I had a dream last night that I was on the treadmill and it started the basement on fire. Hmmm. Wonder what that one means?! ;o)

    You will be rockin’ a bikini this year!!

  2. We all have a bad week or two now and then. You’ve been doing so great, so I know you’ll get back on track!!

    Have a blast at Zion! It’s completely beautiful and totally amazing.

  3. Okay, tell T that a bikini is for 20-somethings without kids! I personally feel too old for one, even if I looked hot in them! But guys never have the same opinion on these matters…wonder why?

  4. Posted by livinginagirlsworld on March 26, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    Tiffany, he only really wants me to wander around the house in it…being a guy and all – and I have even refused to do that! I might blind someone with my white belly if I were to do it in public!

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