Traveler is at it again

He boarded a plane yesterday.  He will be back Friday night, and then we all are accompanying him on his next week-long trip, and then he will be gone for a month.  I should be thankful.  There was supposed to be another week attached to the beginning of all this traveling for training.  I know I can handle life, the kids, the job, and all the other extracurricular stuff that takes place – I can handle all of this on my own…and I pride myself on keeping things running smoothly, but I like my husband and wish he didn’t have to be gone so much.  I don’t know how single parents do this gig full-time.  I think it would be easier if I didn’t work…there would be less external stress to get things done, but I like working (for the most part). 

The other night we were watching TV (ER and Gray’s Anatomy) and both had transplant cases.  I turned to T and reminded him that I expected all of my good parts to be donated…and by the way if I do go first I expect him to find some new hottie to take my place.  🙂  Are these weird conversations to have?  I’m just trying to be realistic.  He already knows that he would be replaced if he goes before me while the kids are still in the house.  Not that he could be replaced, and really who would want to walk into life with 3 girls? But I’m not cut out for single motherhood.  I can handle single motherhood in sprints, it’s the endurance for the marathons that leaves me in a puddle of goo on my gold kitchen floor. 

He’s even “threatened” me with getting a full-time gig with the Guard in Boise.  My response? Have fun…we’ll visit often.  I didn’t want to move back home.  I struggled with feeling a loss of pride.  After graduating from high school I couldn’t wait to get out of here.  I wanted to be free of this place.  I guess I was just like most teenagers yearning for freedom.  So when no jobs were happening up in Boise for T and an awesome opportunity presented itself to move back home, T jumped at it.  It took me almost a year to feel comfortable (granted part of that was because all five of us plus the 2 cats and dog lived with my parents for 7 months of that first year…in a 2000 sq ft. house.)  So now that I’m settled here, I don’t want to move.  I think it would be different if T decided to go in a completely different direction – say active duty or some 1-year/18-month temporary gig somewhere I’ve never lived before (say back east somewhere).  Then I would definitely move for the experience our family could glean from a new environment.  But otherwise, he has direct deposit, we homeschool, and we would travel.  Would it be ideal?  No, but the world would keep spinning, and we would take it one day at a time.  And maybe they would appreciate their dad a bit more.  So that is what we will do, take one day at a time.


2 responses to this post.

  1. And that’s about all you can do… one day at a time!

    I’m glad you girls are getting out of the house for a week with him soon! That should be fun!

  2. Love the comment about the gold kitchen floor… when are you redoing that? Not that it’s not lovely, but the 70’s should really belong in the 70’s!

    Sorry T is gone again. I remember when my other half used to travel more than 2 days at a time on a semi-regular basis. I hated it – and I didn’t have kids!

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